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And it's soon moot, because the Afghanimals finish up, get their clue, and carry the poor tile master around the room a bit before leaving for the Roadblock. Jamal tries to play it like it's the clue to the Pit Stop and calls out, "Bye, guys! Good luck!" Marie: "They're jerks." And whether the exes use their Express Pass or not, they already have two disadvantages. One is that they're trying to assemble their tiles on the near-vertical surface of the cutout rather than laying them out on the floor first. And the other is that Marie is impossible to work with. So tiles are falling and breaking, and they're getting pissy with each other as usual, and they're actually starting to talk seriously about using the Express Pass. If the Afghanimals actually succeed in manipulating them into pissing it away like most teams do, I might be willing to forgive themā€¦something. I'll get back to you on what.

After the ads, Tim is voting to use the Express Pass, but Marie's not ready, and in the event of a tie the tie-breaking vote is hers. So back to the task at hand, at which she first asks why Tim isn't doing anything and then shoos him away. After the leg, she interviews how they know when a task is more in her wheelhouse, "And I'm sure there will be times coming up on the race where it's all him and I'm just gonna step backā€¦" Tim does a double take at the obvious implication that he's done nothing so far, and tells her to hold on. "I'm trying not to make you look like a bitch," she says. Uh, she's not trying very hard. She goes on: "Like, I don't think that that's gonna happen, actually, but when people watch this at home I would like them to think that I don't think you're that terrible of a partner." I don't think she would like it that much. I now have two possible sentences to go here. One is, "Hard to believe these two kids couldn't make it work," and the other is, "Their hate-sex must be glorious." Just pick your favorite. Eventually, they (or rather Marie) get it done and receive their clue to the Roadblock. "Hopefully there's somebody still behind us," Marie says. There is, but she has no way of knowing that.

Ally & Ashley are already at the Roadblock, and apparently it's pretty much a no-brainer (luckily) for Ally to take this one in honor of her Portuguese grandpa. The Afghanimals come running up while Ashley's helping Ally into her armor, and Ally's saying her grandpa's going to be mad if she doesn't do this well. I think her grandpa's more likely to be mad that she thinks he's old enough to have ever fired a ballista at a castle wall in the first place.

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