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Lis-Bon Voyage

Nicole & Travis are starting out in fourth place at 7:11 PM, and are also looking forward to Lisbon. In a pre-leg interview, Travis tells us about the stress that the race generates, "but it's still a notch down from what we do at home." Because, you know, they're ER doctors. I'm not sure if you gleaned that from the subtitles describing them as such and the fact that they talk about it a lot.

Leo & Jamal have opted to bypass the travel agency and go straight to the airport, hoping to get a jump on the other teams. This involves going into a business center, getting online, and doing bad British accents when they find a flight that goes through London's Heathrow airport. To be fair, they also book the flight, and as they high-five, an onscreen graphic tells us that they'll be landing in Lisbon at 11 AM via London. Leo says that when they see blondes, they'll tell them what they have. I'm sure they will, but what about sharing some flight information too?

Brandon & Adam arrive at the travel agency, and Chester & Ephraim greet them as "the Beard Bros." That's much more respectful than the nickname I've given them, which you may or may not recall. Anyway, they find an agent of their own at the desk next to Team NFL's, and she starts working on getting passage to Lisbon for the Hairballs.

Nicole & Travis are the third team to arrive at the travel agency. Chester asides to us that it looks like only he and Ephraim will be able to get on the earlier flight. But Travis & Nicole ask their agent to book them on that flight with the 7 AM arrival the moment it pops up on the screen. The Hairballs ask the doctors what flight they're on, and are surprised to hear that Travis & Nicole are getting on the 7:00 AM flight, upon which they thought Team NFL had just secured the last seats. There's some confusion among the racers, but the onscreen graphics don't lie, and the ER docs are on the flight that transfers in São Paulo and lands in Lisbon at 7 AM. Okay, this has to be the day after tomorrow. No way is anyone traversing two airports, a continent, the Equator, and an ocean in less than eight hours. Meanwhile, Chester & Ephraim's agent tells them that the flight she told them about is, oddly enough, no longer available. Chester asks how that's possible, since the ER docs just booked it, and she points to the how the screen shows that she had them arriving on the 16th rather than the 15th. I don't know what day it is now, but either way this looks bad for them, through no fault of their own. Don't worry, though; later on they will be experiencing some negative outcomes that are their fault.

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