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Lis-Bon Voyage

At 7:25 PM, Jason & Amy open their first clue of this leg in fifth place. In their pre-leg interview, Amy tells us that they've been dating for "over a year" and that they've been doing well on actual tasks. But as we see them riding in the back of a cab, with Amy working their driver's GPS unit for him, Jason adds that their problem seems to be with flights and taxis and other things they can't control. Right on cue, their driver gets in a minor car accident. Jason is all ready to get their stuff out of the trunk and switch cabs like a fighter pilot yanking the ejector handle, but Amy says it's cool and they're moving on. "Aaand, that is the luck that we have with cabdrivers," she says, with a winning camera smile.

Up ahead at the travel agency, Ephraim is explaining to the camera that the travel agent's mistake with the date allowed Travis & Nicole to snap up the seats that should have been theirs. Travis & Nicole aren't too upset about that as they go back out to their cab talking about how pissed Team NFL must be, not that they blame them, and not that they're going to do anything about it, either. Back inside the agency, Ephraim tells Brandon at the desk next to them that they're now arriving at noon. "Ohhhh, you're gonna eat somebody!" Brandon sympathizes. Ephraim says it's all good, though Chester seems less sanguine. It looks like Brandon & Adam get on the same flight with the noon arrival time, also via São Paolo. And Travis & Nicole are looking forward to landing in Lisbon with a five-hour head start, as anyone would be. That would be like winning a Fast Forward but still getting to do everything.

Tim & Danny, the oil workers from Oklahoma, are in sixth place as they leave at 12:25 AM. They're hours behind the other teams because they were on the second (and much later) bus into Santiago during the previous leg. Blondes Ally & Ashley aren't far behind them, leaving at 12:27, and Ally's pretty excited about going to Portugal for reasons that will become apparent later. Tim & Marie are in eighth place as they take off at 12:33 to what Tim calls "Liz-bonn, Portugal," and get in a cab. Tim interviews that teams have been nicer to them because they have the Express Pass. What, not because of Marie's natural charm? Marie adds, "We remind the other teams, give us any useful information, and we'll give you the Express Pass." So how will that work if they get useful information from more than one team, then? Marie: "But we're not really gonna do it." Oh, that explains it.

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