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Lis-Bon Voyage

At the airport, Leo & Jamal go up to a Cocha Travel Agency kiosk, where Jamal asks the lady behind the counter for the earliest possible tickets to Lisbon. The lady behind the counter pleasantly says she can get them there in three days. Oh, did I mention that the lady behind the counter is Amy? Chester narrates that Amy was goofing off at the desk, "And then all of a sudden she was like, 'Ephraim, you have a call.'" Wait, what? Turns out the woman from the agency felt bad enough about screwing up Team NFL's tickets to track them down and offer them a different itinerary. Now they have two connections, in Buenos Aires and Madrid, but they'll land at 7:00 AM. Assuming they make both connections, that is. Chester describes this as "dicey" and says they wouldn't normally risk it, but they think it's worth it for a five-hour jump. I'm not sure I'm entirely on board with their risk/reward calculation here.

Basketball wives Nicky & Kim are the ninth and last team to depart, at 1 AM sharp. They're so excited about going to Portugal that they sound like the blondes for a minute.

Speaking of whom, when Ally & Ashley show up at the airport with no idea what they're doing (and I'm not just assuming there -- they actually say out loud that they have no idea what they're doing), they go running up to the Afghanimals. "Give your husband a hug," Leo creeps before picking up Ally and turning her around. The blondes still want to fly with the Afghanimals, I assume because they seem to know where they're going rather than because they actually find them charming, and Jamal switches back to his bad British accent to invite the blondes to check on the availability of additional seats on their flight through London.

Then Tim & Danny show up, and the Afghanimals get the idea to invite the Okies along on their London flight as well so that the two allied teams won't actually have to compete against each other in the event something goes wrong. Theoretically, at least. After Leo & Jamal make their pitch to the Okies and leave them alone to confer, Danny says to Tim, "It seems weird, man." Yes. Yes it does. Even above and beyond the Afghanimals' baseline weirdness, which is nontrivial to begin with. But while the Okies are sure there's a catch, they haven't yet figured out what it could be. So they decide to give it a go anyway, despite the off-putting hard-sell thing that Jamal is doing. He also tells them to keep it quiet and takes his leave with an evil laugh that Danny mimics, only more evilly. But not much more.

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