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Lis-Bon Voyage

Chester & Ephraim have just landed in São Paolo in the evening. While on the plane, Chester explains that they're just hoping to be able to catch the connecting flight out of here to Lisbon. But Tim & Marie are already boarding what is apparently the last flight of the day. She's sure they're in last place, unaware that Team NFL is currently dashing through the terminal to try to catch the plane…which ends up taking off without them. Oh, dear. Ephraim figures they're likely to be at least half a day behind everyone else now. But instead of giving up, they get themselves tickets for a British Airways flight leaving at 3:45 AM that'll transfer in London. "Beekman Boys Part Two, baby," Ephraim says, rather optimistically.

Morning dawns in Lisbon, Portugal, which shows off a little bit in some narration-free b-roll before the first plane lands. That's the flight with Travis & Nicole, Jason & Amy, and Nicky & Kim. They all get cabs from the airport to Martim Moniz Square to catch their tram. Meanwhile, Brandon & Adam and Tim & Danny have arrived in Madrid for their connecting flight. And then we're back in Lisbon, as both the ER docs and Jason & Amy rush out of their cabs to board Tram 28 (again, more like a streetcar in that it runs on rails and cables). The two teams wearing serendipitously matching shades of blue high-five each other over having left the baseball wives behind, though Jason thinks they might use their newly-discovered powers to stop the tram somehow. Again, guys: Nicky & Kim didn't do anything that you couldn't have done. And likely never will.

Leo & Jamal and Ally & Ashley have landed in London, as we can tell not only by the subtitles but also by "Rule Brittania" playing on the soundtrack. I don't hear Jamal continuing to irritate everyone in earshot with his bad British accent, but maybe that's because someone on the plane offered to push his face in if he didn't knock it off.

Meanwhile, in Lisbon, the tram has delivered the two lead teams to not only the top of the hill but what looks like the top of a roof. Though it might just be a high patio overlooking most of the city. Either way it's pretty damn spectacular. Here, a few guitarists and a singer are serenading a collection of large oil paintings of horse-drawn carriages. Phil explains, "Teams must now figure out that the painting is directing them to Portugal's National Coach Museum [or what the subtitles identify as Museum Nacional Dos Coches], where they'll receive their next clue." The ER docs and the dating couple head out to the square where they can flag down locals to ask what it means, and luckily most of them seem to know. The teams jump into cabs to get there "rapido." Which may or may not mean in Portuguese what it means in Spanish. You'd think most of these people would have taken the opportunity to learn the language while changing planes in Brazil.

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