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Do What U Said

Brendon and Rachel manage to get what's left of their water delivered to the home and get their clue, although Brendon warns Rachel not to hurt herself again and she bitches, "I'm fine, Brendon." Look who's in a mood. The containers are still full enough for them to earn their clue, which Rachel doesn't even want to waste time opening. "We know where it is, let's just go," she gripes, as if Phil wouldn't give then a half-hour penalty for not reading the clue on-camera. Soon they're on their way back to Jack Stelzer's Pub. Brendon says they kicked ass, even if Rachel's bled a little bit. "Um, it's not a little bit?" Rachel snits. I don't see any blood on camera, so it's a little bit. HD don't lie, Vegas.

Nary and Jamie are pumping their tire back up, and Vanessa and Ralph are getting their last water tank filled. The latter team gets the water delivered quickly, so they're still in fifth place as they head back to the pub and the U-Turn sign. But Nary and Jamie have also finished the bike task, so their "Currently in Last Place" subtitle may not last long. If, that is, they can remember where to go from here. Brendon and Rachel are back at the pub, reading the clue sending them to the gallery in fourth place. They rush off in search of cabs and encounter Jamie and Nary, at which point Rachel tells them they got "Double U-Turned." Brendon adds that they also U-Turned Vanessa and Ralph, so the "teachers" aren't out yet, and they give the federal agents directions to the Pub. Then, in the cab, Rachel's having a little weepfest about how exhausted she is. Quit then, jeez.

Vanessa and Ralph read that same clue and are headed out of town in fifth place. In the back seat, Vanessa congratulates herself and Ralph on their great luck with cabs. Well, now she's gone and done it. Sure enough, they blow a tire out on the road, right on cue. "That's what that sound was!" Vanessa ditzes. They and the driver get out to survey the damage. "Speaking of our luck with cabs," Vanessa says. By now, Nary and Jamie have found the clue sending them to the gallery. They cab up, hoping to catch Ralph and Vanessa, who are currently watching their driver change the tire. You'd think they'd have better tire karma after that first Detour option. "Oh well, it was a good run, kid," Ralph says philosophically. Longer than deserved, certainly.

Somewhere on the road behind them, Nary is talking about how the U-Turning may work in their favor and allow them to catch up. But Vanessa and Ralph's driver has gotten their tire changed very quickly, so they're back on the road before Team Undercover passes them.

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