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Art and JJ run to a little house made of red adobe bricks and load up the waiting containers onto the cart. "This is simple," JJ jinxes as they get on their way, but when they see the line at the well, Art says, "Holy cow." JJ holds their place in line while Art scouts ahead. He says it's about 30-35 seconds per bucket, and he counts at least sixty buckets in the line. "So I'm looking at about thirty to forty minutes before we get to the front of the line." Assuming the filling process remains efficient. "It kind of gave us an appreciation for what these people do just for water." I'm sure that's what was foremost in their minds. JJ says they're already in line, and it would take them 20-30 minutes to find the bike shop, so they're sticking. Besides, you never know -- somebody in town might like to have some water.

Brendon and Rachel have reached town, and are trying to get directions to Hillary Clington. "In petrol station... inside," a local tells them, probably because he saw them on Big Brother. They go past Barack Obama and then spot what Rachel calls "Hillary Clingington." Rachel decides on Air Supply, since filling containers will be really hard, and she's all out of love. Next to reach town are Vanessa and Ralph, who start looking for Hillary Clington, asking everyone they see and some people they don't, leaning into windows and everything. "You know it's going to be something so absurd and obvious," Vanessa says. At least she's self-aware.

The two lead teams are applying their rubber cement and tire patches. "You see them hands? Them's mechanic hands," Bopper boasts in an interview, and says it was like a NASCAR pit stop. Soon they're pumping their tube back up, but Other Rachel and Dave's patch isn't holding air in. Dave blames Other Rachel for misusing her screwdriver, and she tells him to stop being a jackass by blaming her. "Just shush, we're a team," Dave says. So, still a jackass, in other words.

Art and JJ are frustrated at what is now somehow a hundred buckets ahead of them in line that will need to be filled from a hose at the well. I'm just glad the clue specified that they'd have to wait in line, or you know JJ would be cajoling and intimidating his way up to the front. Team Big Brother is looking for the bike shop, where Bopper and Mark have already set up their completed bike for a test drive. Dave is a jackass to Other Rachel some more, and Bopper and Mark get their clue in first place. It's telling them to walk to Jack Stelzer Pub in Karatu, which has a hand-painted sign in neon colors and a name that most of the racers will be pronouncing as "Seltzer." "Caution, U-Turn ahead," the clue warns, like they thought the U-Turn was going to be after the Roadblock. Although maybe it could be, forcing the racer who didn't complete the Roadblock to go back and do it? Nah, that'd be dumb. Never mind (which means it's going to happen one day).

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