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On the way to the goat market, Azaria and Hendekea see a bunch of goats in a basket, and the way they are strapped down, all tangled up with each other, is...uncomfortable to look at. I don't blame them for finding that a little jarring; I certainly did. It's kind of Hieronymus Bosch for goats. Hendekea, however, correctly notes that they're going to the market to be sold for food anyway, so "they have a reason to cry." Heh.

Azaria and Hendekea and Nate and Jen are at the goat market with their chickens in hand. Azaria and Hendekea get the clue, which is for a Roadblock asking who wants to do a "juggling act." In this Roadblock, the person has to load up a bike with a big load of supplies, including what Phil calls "a potentially uncooperative goat." Each person has a different vendor to track down in the market to deliver the supplies. Azaria takes it for his team, and Jen takes it for hers. Azaria starts to load up his bike from his list, which includes blankets, a plant, big containers of liquid, sticks, teakettles, hoops of twine, and -- the topper! -- "a goat in a basket." ("Step One: You cut a hole in a basket...") Azaria and Jen both load up their bikes, including their goats, which are lying down in what appear to be plastic laundry baskets.

Back at the dancing, Lorena and Jason are finally trying their hardest to impress the judges. They appear to rely on some down-up hopping, and in an interview, Jason says that he first fell in love with Lorena watching her dance. In the end, they do successfully complete the dance and get their clue, although Jason compares the tense wait for a decision to being on American Idol. Heh. They get the clue -- "U-Turn Ahead" included.

Up ahead, TK and Rachel are right behind Shana and Jennifer, still. And then they pass them. So there's that.

Azaria and Jen get loaded up and leave. It turns out that a lot of the struggle here is just asking locals for help finding your vendor. The two of them are sort of right together as they get going out into the market.

Kynt and Vyxsin, Nick and Don, and Ron and Christina are arriving at the Roadblock. Vyxsin takes it, as do Christina and Nick.

And here come Jason and Lorena up to the U-Turn sign. Lorena allows that she's "pissed," but frankly, they seem mostly frustrated and focused on getting back in the race. I'm not sure they're as appalled as the show might have you believe.

Azaria and Jen going through the market. Jen interviews that this was really serious "culture shock" for her, because she speaks zero French, so she was kind of helpless. It appears that Azaria knows a small amount of French, maybe, and he finds his way to his vendor first. When he gets his clue, it tells the team to travel to the Hotel De Ville in Ouagadougou. Phil says that this is where the mayor's office is, and it's also where the pit stop is. Jen finds her vendor, too, so she and Azaria return pretty much simultaneously. Vyxsin, Chris, and Nick are still loading up their bikes as Azaria and Hendekea and Nate and Jen take off for the hotel in taxis, just about neck and neck. Azaria asks his driver not to let Nate and Jen pass. In a hilarious-bordering-on-cute scene in the cab, Nate tries to kiss Jen, and she's like, "I can't touch," because she's all sweaty, but then she says, "Okay, touch me, touch me," and she allows him to give her a smooch. Aw. There's something kind of needy and demanding about "you may kiss me now," but there can also be something kind of nice about it.

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