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Kynt and Vyxsin turn over their chicken and check in as team number five. Phil asks them how they do in Africa, and Kynt says everybody is really nice to them. "This is just know, life-altering, and amazing," Vyxsin singsongs adorably. She interviews that she finds some of it "heartbreaking," and that even in a race, you can't help taking note of what you're seeing. She says that "seeing such wonderful people have so little" was very hard for her. She hugs her chicken. Aw.

Jason vows, in his taxi, that if he's not eliminated, he's "going to screw over the blondes." But not right now, because the blondes are being checked in as team number six. So now, it's down to TK and Rachel and Jason and Lorena. Rachel gets some directions, and she makes it back to TK at last. He reads the clue while reassuring her that it's all fine, and he does seem to have some talent for this, and I think he makes her feel better. They leave in their taxi, so now things are not so good for Jason and Lorena.

The nice music that begins playing as Jason finally starts the Roadblock is your first clue that this is their farewell. Lorena voices over about how much she adores him, and certainly, that's your second clue. "I love Jason," she beams in an interview. They get their pit stop clue.

But here are TK and Rachel, checking in as team number seven.

In their cab, Lorena kisses Jason sadly, because she knows that nothing has happened that would cause them to pass anyone unless something incredibly unlikely has occurred entirely outside their field of vision. They undoubtedly haven't seen another team all day, and that's a tough way to go out. "We'll make a million dollars another way, okay?" he says. She smiles. He also tells her that she ought to look around her at the people who live here and realize that "money doesn't make you wealthy." Wow. Deep thoughts. She smiles and agrees. They get to the pit stop. Welcome, Jason and Lorena. You are the last team to arrive, and you are out. She's a little weepy. She tells Phil that she wants them to stay together and "make that million dollars ourselves." By way of summing up, she interviews that she really wants to get married, and it's important to her, but she doesn't have to get married right this minute. Jason, on the other hand, interviews that marriage is confining, and that love is more meaningful when you're both "free." Free what? Keep one foot out the door? Anyway, he thinks that love is deeper when you're not married. That's a cheerful little ending!

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