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Meanwhile, Hendekea comments that the world out the window kind of reminds her of Ethiopia, where she reveals in an interview she and Azaria have gone together before. She loves the feeling of being in Africa.

Vyxsin, Ron, and Don collect their chickens. The best of these is Don, who basically picks up the chicken in a no-nonsense manner that's probably less traumatic for the chicken than all the terrified, overly sensitive theatrics. Don's just like, "[Cram]," and the chicken is safe in the bag.

8:38 AM. Remember Shana and Jennifer? They haven't left yet. As they go, Shana says that the two of them are "great friends," and they both can speak up about whatever they think on the race. They are not excited about the chicken, but they do grab one and leave. In the cab, they decide that they should name the chicken "Phil," because its tuft reminds them of Phil's spiky hair. Cut to a shot of Phil patting his spiky hair. Hee. "He's cute like Phil," Shana says. I think Phil is cuter than the chicken, but all right. Phil in a bag! …Actually, that sounds good. I'll take one, please.

Azaria and Hendekea are ready to leave their cab and look for the next clue. But as soon as they stop, Hendekea needs a potty break, so she dashes off, much to his frustration. In one sense, I understand, but in the other sense, they just cabbed it a hundred miles, and...I mean, when you need to go, you need to go. TK and Rachel and Nate and Jen, however, do arrive while she's in the john, it appears, so that's it for being in first place for the moment. It's not like she's doing this on purpose, though.

Nate and Jen are in first place as they open the clue for the Detour. The two choices are Shake Your Pan or Shake Your Booty. In Shake Your Pan, the team has to go to a local mining pit and use a traditional panning method to come up with one ounce of gold. Phil claims that this task is "physically demanding," which I sort of don't agree with based on what comes later, but he says that at least it's measured "objectively," which is true. It's significant because in Shake Your Booty, the team learns a "traditional local dance" and performs it for a group of judges, both following the dance and adding some "creativity" to it. If they like your dance, you can go. If they don't like your dance, you have to wait ten minutes and then you can go. It's weird, because you don't wait ten minutes and then try again, as it turns out -- you just wait ten minutes in lieu of doing a decent dance. But I like it, in that it has the capacity to create unpredictable results. Because really, who knows what the equivalent of "pitchy" is in Burkina Faso dace circles anyway?

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