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You Can Dance If You Want To

Azaria and Hendekea choose not to U-Turn anyone. The clue sends them by taxi to the "outskirts of Ouagadougou" to the Tampouy Goat Market, where they'll get another clue. They leave in their cab. Nothing whets the appetite for animal controversy like a reference to a goat market. Let's go!

TK and Rachel are still looking for the mining, while Nick and Don are already panning. Don does know what he's doing, and he shows Nick how to put a ton of stuff into one of the mesh trays and then pour water over it to get the mud off and reveal the solids, which will let them see the gold. Grandpa certainly learned a lot back during the war, before he was run over by the horseless carriage and lost his memory.

Ron and Chris are ready to dance. They introduce a lot of their own moves, but I don't recognize very much of what they were being taught by the local dancer. It's also just a trifle odd that they're bumping butts, which I will happily say I have never done with any of my relatives. "End strong!" Christina encourages, and this translates into "Stop! Hernia time!" They freeze. Crickets.

Nick and Don find the gold. "There's plenty of gold, so it's not that difficult," Don says. They head over to weigh their haul, while Ron and Chris wait for a decision from the judges. "Your free creativity not very good," the judge announces. So that's a ten-minute wait for them. In fairness, they were trying. But also in fairness, they were horrible. Nick and Don, on the other hand, have enough gold and are ready to go. They seem very laid-back and happy as they leave for the market (and first the U-Turn). TK and Rachel are just showing up at last, ready for mining.

Nate and Jen choose not to U-Turn anyone. "We're going to win this like frickin' men," Jen announces. That will be difficult, given her breasts and vagina. Seriously, why do women have to join in on that stuff, you know? Just...pick something else. Pick something that doesn't hurt the team, you know? They get the goat market clue and leave.

Hey, Shana and Jennifer! They're finally ready to choose a Detour option, and they go for the Shaking Of The Booty.

Jason cheers Lorena up by making funny with the chicken. "What's up, chicken?" he asks. It's actually kind of cute, interestingly enough. "The chicken just said 'hurry,'" he announces gravely. And then he says to the driver, "Rapido!" It's very annoying, but given how far behind they are, I can kind of understand what he's trying to do, as far as lifting her spirits and stuff. If you watch this episode with the knowledge that they're an hour and a half behind and have no prospect of any improvement to their situation, they're pretty much just staying positive in hopes of something happening that probably won't happen. When they got no money, they probably knew it was a short leg on which they'd have little opportunity to make up time, you know?

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