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Have You Driven a Fjord Lately?

When they arrive at their destination, a Roadblock clue asks, "Who's the biggest swinger?" And now Phil is standing high over the water with a long bridge behind him, saying, "This Roadblock requires teams to take a leap off the Henningsvaer Bridge and swing on the end of an eighty-foot rope." As you do. While we watch some hapless production assistant in a wetsuit having to do just that, Phil adds, "When they're ready, they must unclip and splash down in the frigid Arctic Ocean, where they can swim to their next clue." Those clues are all laid out on a buoy floating nearby. Brandon volunteers to do this for the Hairballs, and Jason chivalrously takes this when Amy gets a load of Adam changing into a wetsuit and guesses what it's going to involve. Brandon gets back on their boat, and as it drives out to a spot under the span to wait, Adam assures us that Brandon's a really fast swimmer. I suspect that anybody who finds themselves in the Arctic Ocean is going to be in a hurry to get back out, race or no.

Now Tim's taking a turn doing the fish-beating for the Okies. Their bowl is getting slowly fuller, and a supervisor is getting slowly amused, presumably over how lame they are at this.

Nicky asks Kim to take more fish off her back, but like Danny before her, Kim's already carrying both backpacks, so her attempt to take some doesn't work. And in the process of trying, she loses track of the clue amid all the paperwork she's carrying in her teeth. They enjoy a brief moment of panic before Kim realizes it's still there after all. They might still be idiots, though.

Tim & Marie show up at the bridge in third place, and Marie pegs Tim as the biggest swinger. Yeah, I'm sure that's the reason they're exes. Nicole takes this for the ER docs, and Ashley takes it for the blondes, though they're still wearing their diving masks so it's hard to be totally sure. When the Afghanimals arrive in sixth place, Jamal calls himself the biggest swinger, of course. Because he's a wild and crazy guy!

Brandon's still got a head start on them, jogging up the hill to the bridge. He makes up a little song for our enjoyment: "Runnin' in a wetsuit/sucks real bad." I smell a hit. Like Bono says, all you need is three chords and the truth. When Brandon reaches the middle of the span, Adam hollers up at him from the boat, and soon Brandon's out on a plank with his harness and rope being checked. Of course this is nothing new to Brandon, who interviews that when he and Adam were kids they not only jumped from bridges all the time, they used to hang under them until the trains roaring overhead shook them off. Funny, they don't look old enough to have grown up in Stand By Me. Unsurprisingly, Brandon needs little encouragement to make the leap. Unlike with bungee jumping, the rope is attached a fair distance further along the bridge from where he's standing, so the rope swings him under the bridge and over the water instead of snapping his back when he reaches the end of it. Brandon soon detaches and starts swimming, and Adam excitedly says Brandon can swim "like a seal! Like a shark! Like a seal-shark!" But one with opposable thumbs, because Brandon quickly retrieves his clue from the buoy and swims over to the boat, where he is quickly pulled on board to open their next clue, now officially in first place. So not waiting for a cab to the Detour appears to have paid off for them.

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