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Have You Driven a Fjord Lately?

Eventually the baseball wives show up, and when Kim tries to lift the fish over her head to offload them, her hair gets caught in the fins, which must be simply awesome for her. She has to untangle it herself, because Nicky's too loaded down to help her, as much as she might like to. "That was not normal," Kim tells the task judge once she's free. I'm sure he's aware of that. They have the right number of fish, and are sent on in to join the Okies at the hammer station. "Is it hard, guys?" one of them asks. "Yeah, it kinda sucks," Danny affirms cheerfully. But the baseball wives aren't ready to give up, (or switch tasks), so Kim starts taking out her frustration with the cod in the most literal way possible: with a big fucking mallet. I imagine that is pretty therapeutic. The Okies fill their bowl soon after, and after exchanging some compliments with the baseball wives, they find out that they have 1.14 kilos of fish jerky, which, not to show off or anything, is 140 grams more than they needed. They make some belated jokes about beating meat and get their clue in seventh place. And some jerky to enjoy on their way out, which Danny doesn't seem to mind at all. I'm sure the judge doesn't either, as long as Danny doesn't eat more than 140 grams' worth.

Brandon & Adam arrive at the mini-quarry, put on the coveralls and day-glo vests waiting for them in the truck bed, and climb into the cab. Apparently this too is in their comfort zone, even if the trucks' steering wheels are on the wrong side of the car. They make such quick work of chaining the boulder to the sled and the sled to the truck that the Amazing Editors barely have time to cut away before they're finished.

Ashley steps off the bridge, screaming the whole way, then quickly drops a fair distance and swims for the buoy. Meanwhile, the Okies are arriving at the Roadblock clue box. Way back on the other side of the water, Nicky & Kim are still pounding fish, but their bowl is already full and they have 1.16 kg when they go to get it weighed. They look pretty happy for being in last place, and for having spent 16% percent more time on the hammering stage than they strictly needed to.

Jamal makes his leap of faith and swims to the buoy to get his clue, so the Afghanimals are in sixth place. Then Okie Tim goes flailing off the bridge and gets his in seventh. That leaves one team who has yet to do the Roadblock, in case you're keeping track.

"Just another thing to add to our resume," Brandon says as he and Adam finish wrapping up the big rock in chains. Then they get in the truck, drag the sled some distance (making an ad-worthy remark about the truck as they do so), get back out, and dig the little pouch out of the ground underneath where the sled was. The clue inside tells them to drive to the Pit Stop, which is of course the aforementioned Viking Longhouse. Phil says that's "a reconstruction of a chieftain house that dates back to 500 AD." And it's currently occupied by noisy Nordic revelers, over whom Phil has to all but shout that the last team to arrive here may be eliminated. He doesn't seem like much of a Viking fan, but then neither am I and I'm from Minnesota.

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