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Have You Driven a Fjord Lately?

They're starting off with a Detour, the choices being "Hang Your Head" or "Hammer of the Cods." No, that last one is not a typo. Phil stands on the dock, saying teams will have the opportunity to "work with Svolvaer's number-one moneymaker: fish." Thanks for waving that big slimy stringer of them directly in the camera, Phil. For "Hang Your Head," the teams will need to string together half a dozen bundles of ten fish heads each (which is actually grosser than it sounds, as I'll describe later), then wheel them to drying racks and hang them up in the sun. "When they have been properly hung out to dry," Phil says, "the fish foreman will hand them their next clue." For "Hammer of the Cods," the teams will have to retrieve fifteen pairs of already-dried cod from gigantic, thirty-foot-high drying racks shaped like long, triangular tents (one of which Phil is perched on as he describes the task), then use a hammer to beat them into a kilogram of boneless fish jerky.

Neither of these tasks seem especially pleasant, and Jason & Amy seem torn. Adam decides to go with fish heads. "Let's get stinky," he says to Brandon, which seems like it would be a short trip. They interview how they're all about physical and outdoor stuff, being former Boy Scouts. "Now we're Man Scouts," Adam cracks, sounding as though he's name-checking a longstanding gay porn franchise. Nicole & Travis decide to join Jason & Amy at the Hang Your Head option, as indeed do most of the rest of the teams except two. Those two teams are Okies Tim & Danny, and baseball wives Nicky & Kim, whose ignorance of what a kilo is at least tells us that they're not into drug trafficking.

Now it's a matter of everyone figuring out where to go and how to get there. Yes, it's obviously the fish factory, but Tim & Marie learn that it's a few kilometers away and go running off to grab a cab. There's a montage of people getting directions and deciding how to proceed .The blondes think it's within running distance, and Amy points out, "We're in the Arctic Circle at eleven o'clock. Of course there aren't going to be any cabs anywhere. What did we expect?" Well, there's at least one, as the exes learned. Luckily, a guy at the local car rental place is on his cell phone, probably on a conference call with every taxi driver in the city. Or maybe just a regular call with the one. Brandon & Adam aren't waiting around and are already hoofing it over a long bridge, enjoying the scenery and expecting Vikings to come over a nearby mountain at any moment. And adopt them as their own, it goes without saying.

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