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Have You Driven a Fjord Lately?

Unsurprisingly, the exes are the first team to reach the fish factory. Someone has helpfully put up a hand-painted sign indicating the two Detour options with pictograms of a fish head and a hammer, and Amazing Arrows pointing the way to each one. Tim & Marie throw on bright coveralls and head into the warehouse, where the grossness of what they're about to do hits them for the first time, along with what is most likely quite an aroma. It's a large room of tables and bins covered with, what else, hundreds and hundreds of severed fish heads, all wet and slimy with mouths and eyes agape. It's pretty horrible and I can't even smell it. Marie, who I guess is in charge of the clue-reading today (as she is of everything else, on every other day), tells Tim they need six bundles with eight heads each. Yes, Phil said ten heads each. Don't say anything. Marie tasks Tim with using the provided lengths of thin rope to thread the giant, erect needle upon which they'll be impaling the fish heads. And upon which they are soon impaling them, with all necessary attendant gooshy noises. So this is one of the steps in making fish head soup? Good thing I was never going to touch the stuff as long as I live anyway.

Meanwhile, some other teams are still waiting downtown for cabs to show up. Amy & Jason claim the first minivan taxi that shows up, while the Ice-Ghanimals are still on foot. Jason & Amy's taxi passes the latter group on the road. "We just passed the Ass-animals," Amy says while Leo breaks into a run to try to follow them. I don't recall seeing the genesis of the dating couple's antipathy towards Leo & Jamal, but the latter team is irritating enough in general that we probably didn't need to. Soon the Afghanimals are leading the blondes across the bridge we saw the hairballs cross a while ago. And back downtown, it's 11:25 and the ER docs and the Okies are still waiting for cabs. Or a cab, or a friendly Valkyrie, or some damn thing. Nicole warns the latter team that the next taxi is theirs, and flexes her guns in mock-warning that's not entirely mock. Meanwhile, Brandon & Adam have finally reached the far end of the bridge, and start running down the pier to the fish factory. They arrive on the impaling-floor to join the exes just as Tim is tying up their first bundle, and Marie frets aloud that Brandon & Adam will be good at this; "They eat gross stuff and do gross stuff all the time." They're right behind you, Marie. And yet, because they're correctly impaling ten heads per bundle as opposed to your eight, they're also ahead of you.

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