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Amy & Jason run past Tim & Danny as the Okies are carrying their dried fish, Amy calling, "Good luck guys, be careful!" Tim is trying to offload some of his flesh-cutting fish onto Danny, but Danny's already overloaded with both their backpacks. I suppose putting fish into the backpacks is out of the question? When Amy & Jason next meet the ER docs coming up the road with their wheelbarrow, she advises them to look for the poles with the tiny race flags on the ends, which is something she did not share with Tim & Marie, obviously. And then they pass the Afghanimals, who on top of everything else have fallen to bickering, and interview that it was nice to see them in trouble. Then Amy flirts with the blondes, the last team to be coming up the road. That's what being nice to people looks like, Marie. And it allowed Amy to get away with minimal fish-head contact.

Maries frustration level is rising, as if it ever goes in any other direction, while Tim insists that he did it right. As Nicole & Travis arrive, Marie orders Tim, "Figure out what's wrong in the next thirty seconds or just use the Express Pass and get the hell out of here." She goes over to snoop at the ER docs' pole, which is when she finally sees that the other team's pole has a little flag on the end. She rushes back to Tim yelling at him to unload the fish from the pole they've been using, not bothering to explain and hollering at her to just trust her. Because it's gotten them this far tonight. Tim interviews that while Marie can yell, he isn't scared of her. Marie agrees with him for once and says that's why their team works. And finally, after Nicole & Travis get their clue in third place, Tim & Marie score theirs in fourth.

Leo & Jamal have almost finished dragging their wheelbarrow to the top of the hill when the blondes finally pass them. "Ice-Ghanimals, together forever," Marie mocks as she runs by both teams. Winning hearts and minds all the time, that one.

A very sweaty Tim & Danny deliver their fifteen pairs of dried cod to the cod barn, where they're sent to the "hammer station" in the next room to beat on entirely different batches of cod. I don't know why I'm disappointed that they don't have to use the fish they actually gathered, because by now you'd think I'd be aware that's usually the case. They'll use a big wooden mallet and a stump as an anvil. Tim holds the fish while Danny wields the hammer, and in an interview they have difficulty with the unit of measurement known as a "kilo," which they think is either a kilogram or a kilometer. That tells us that they not only aren't involved in drug trafficking, they are also not involved in distance running. "We're just glad to be not walking any more," Danny says as they start peeling flakes of fish off a carcass and into a bowl. I'd just be glad to be in a place called "hammer station."

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