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Have You Driven a Fjord Lately?

The novelty of having ten pairs of entire dried fish draped over her shoulders is starting to wear off for Nicky, while Kim is up on the rack lading herself with several more. And then when "bugs" land on Nicky -- actually one mosquito, from what we can see -- she's even more upset, thinking the fish are attracting them. Again, it is one mosquito, which you'd think Nicky would be used to from her home in "the Midwest." But Kim's back down, and Nicky asks her to help carry the fish. As for the bug, maybe they can take turns.

The blondes find a marked pole at the head-drying rack, and then Leo & Jamal finally get to put down their wheelbarrow, which they've now been carrying one on each end like a stretcher. Ally & Ashley hang their six bundles and get their clue in fifth place and go running off while the Afghanimals are finishing up the Detour. They pass the baseball wives, as Nicky struggles under the weight of dead fish that are preventing her from looking up and seeing where she's going. Finally the Afghanimals get their clue in sixth place, and now all they'll have to do is carry their empty wheelbarrow back down the hill. That should be easier than carrying a full one.

The Hairballs and Jason & Amy are back downtown, where they have to find evidence of what must be Svolvaer's second industry: tourism. That takes the form of one of those storefront day-trip adventure travel type places you see in tourist towns, where you can sign up for helicopter rides or snorkeling or, in this case, high-speed boat rides. Inside they find some foul-weather gear waiting for them and start putting it on. In fact, there looks to be enough in there to cover the population of the whole town.

Tim & Marie pass the ER docs on the road on foot. She notices that Travis appears to be slowing down, and can't seem to get her head out of the gym as she takes it upon herself to try motivating Travis, with her usual charm: "Are you dead? Did you puke? Did you faint? Did you die? No." Whose partner is she, anyway?

Jason & Amy and Brandon & Adam strap into their boats, wearing not only their gear but diving masks as well. So there's probably going to be some spray, then. "Let's get some beards in the wind," Brandon says as the two boats pull away from the dock. Marie & Tim and then Nicole & Travis are arriving at the boating place, and then we get to watch a montage of the two lead teams traveling at high speed amid the fjords, with lots of beard-blowing and marveling at the experience. I'll leave it to you to conclude which of those teams is doing which.

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