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But those BQs are pretty good, and they find themselves at the Dance and Groove, which is the club they're looking for. Tyler and James have found the Academy as well. Inside, the girls find that they have to wear what are apparently supposed to be rap clothes, with the baseball cap and the big pants and the bling. And believe me, I use the word "bling" very reluctantly. "I wish I knew how to pretend I was a rapper!" Kandice says. "Like, stick your hands in your pants," Dustin advises her. Like, stick it in your ear, blondie. ["Psst, D: that was Jim Morrison." -- Sars]

Music Academy. The boys arrive and are directed to the second floor, but first, they have to change clothes as well. It turns out that, rather delightfully, they are getting into tails. Oh, yum. Man, I'm sure they didn't do that for me, but if they did, I'm certainly grateful. Dustin and Kandice have gotten into their faux-rap outfits, and now they have to sit around and actually compose their rap. "We're in a race around the world and we're here to say / we started in the U.S.A." Oh my God. I cannot improve upon the following observation by EEFP spacecitymarc: "The last time anyone actually began a rap with 'I'm [whoever I am] and I'm here to say,' Chernobyl was fully operational." What's worse is that they're incredibly proud of this. They're like, "That's just what rap sounds like!"

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian employee of the Music Academy has the best experience of her life helping the A(AM!)s get into their tails. They begin looking for the music. Seeing the music labeled "Hungarian Dance No. 5" reminded me of one of my favorite stories of my own easily amused nature: I went to see a concert that my mother's choir was singing in, and they had a piece on the program called something like "Five Hungarian Songs." And I was fine until I noticed in the program that it said, "(Original Title: Six Hungarian Songs.)" This made me laugh so hard my father almost moved away from me. All I could think about was who decided to cut one of the Hungarian Songs, and what made it so bad. And what would have happened if they had not made that note in the program, like somebody listening to it and thinking, "This sounds a lot like a piece I know, but that's called 'Six Hungarian Songs,' so apparently, this is different." Anyway.

It's time for the Pointies to get the Detour clue at Apartment 33, and they're very grateful. Rob goes for the double-grasp handshake, rather than the hug. They decide to Make The Music. Looking for the club, Kim is like, "Babe, I want to ask these people, because they look hip!" Hee hee. They approach a nice-looking young couple and ask them about the club. They do know where it is, and they recommend driving rather than walking. In fact, they're so nice that they come along with Rob and Kim, who appear to also keep their taxi driver who's been with them since early in the leg.

The *wins and *lyns are still looking for the apartment building, and Erwin hops out of the car yet again to ask for directions. Karlyn is, you can tell, reaching the end of her rope. Finally, Lyn says, "So why not you navigate?" Ungrammatical, but... exactly. Karlyn claims that she hasn't wanted to be following the *wins the entire time. In an interview, Karlyn says that while she loves the *wins, Erwin has no confidence and is constantly stopping to check himself, which drives her nuts. As the guys continue trying to get directions, the *lyns finally make their break and drive off. The *wins are surprised that the *lyns drove off without waiting for them. Jeez, it's not a race, ladies. Erwin says that they're "disappointed" in the *lyns, because they've been working together for such a long time. Lyn tells us that she really doesn't mind being on their own rather than following. You'd think it might have occurred to her, then, to do this a little sooner. "Our alliance with Team Alabama's over," says Erwin in a voice-over, which is laid over a shot of Erwin in the car, which is a little strange.

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