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Tyler and James ask for directions to the pit stop. The BQs do the same, only they ultimately wind up paying a cab driver again so that they don't have to find it themselves. It's perfectly legitimate to do that, but I must say that the following of cab drivers kind of bores me as a viewer.

The Pointies arrive at the club, with the help of the "hip" people they picked up previously. They run inside.

The *lyns and *wins arrive at the apartment building at essentially the same time. Everybody hunts for Apartment 33, and before long, they all find the right staircase and head up. They receive their Detour clues, and they both decide to choose the rap.

Pointy rap. Kimberly's rap is mildly superior, I would say, to the BQs', though it's hard to put much distance between them.

The *lyns get someone to lead them in the direction of the club, and the *wins discuss whether to follow them. Ultimately, they decide to get their own directions. The suggestion is that Godwin just doesn't feel like following, to which Erwin says, "You've got too much pride, G." It's interesting that whatever this aversion is, it didn't stop them from leading the *lyns around all day.

Rob's one line of rap indicates that he has significantly less rhythm than anyone else who has ever been born, but he's doing his best. Ukraine's top rap artist judges their work adequate, though he kind of looks like he wishes he had another choice, and he hands over the pit stop clue. Rob and Kim read the clue and dash out of the club, changed back into their street clothes. (As opposed to their "street" clothes.) The "hip" people waited for them, so Kimberly asks about getting to the memorial. The driver is apparently gone now, so the "hip" people ride along in the car with the Pointies.

Tyler and James spot the memorial. The BQs spot the memorial. We watch both teams get out of their cars, though it isn't actually possible to tell whether they're anywhere near each other. Phil and the greeter wait on the mat. Suspenseful! And stepping on the mat, it's... James and Tyler. "Welcome to Kiev!" says the greeter, and it seems to make the boys smile, like they've been waiting for a long time to be welcomed somewhere. They shake the greeter's hand and say, "Beautiful country." Phil says, "Tyler and James," and adorably, Tyler reaches over and pinches James's arm anxiously. That is really cute. "Yeah, you're team number one," Phil says. They celebrate. And they win a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Hot! They will also get to swim with dolphins, which is not in the slightest gay at all. The boys offer Phil low-fives. Tyler says that nothing feels as good as being back on top. And how!

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