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In the *lyns' car, Karlyn says that she's "quite a composer," because she just put their rap together in five minutes in the back seat. I wonder if you'll be able to tell at all. "It rhymes, so hopefully, we won't look like complete idiots," she says. Heh. Meanwhile, the *wins are hunting for directions. Again. Some more.

Welcome, BQs, you are team number two. Phil comments once again on how a girl-girl team has never won. "Nothing will stop us," Dustin says confidently.

Erwin is still looking for directions to the club. "We're so done," Godwin agonizes, rubbing his head. Ultimately, they give up and decide to head for the music academy, because they're getting nowhere trying to find the club. They find a taxi driver who's willing to lead them there, so they can finally get on their way. Meanwhile, the *lyns make their way into the club.

Welcome, Pointies. You are team number three. They are relieved and hug warmly. I think they're actually getting better at not yelling at each other, right at the part of the race where other people often get worse about it.

The *wins get to the music academy. They also look nice getting into their formalwear, and Erwin looks on the bright side by saying he's happy they didn't have to think up something to rhyme with "Mongolia." Hee hee. Lyn and Karlyn emerge in their rap-wear, and Lyn appears to be doing a sort of exaggerated rapper walk, which is pretty funny, and which reflects one of a very small number of times that this team has been seen having a good time. They get out on the floor to do their rap. The *wins hunt for the Concert Fantasy music. They find it, and they go in search of a pianist. Karlyn's rapping is really quite bad, as it turns out. The *wins can't find the piano, which is not really a surprise, given the way the day has gone. "We had to travel far and foreign talk" is the next not-very-good line in the rap. Finally, the *wins open a practice-room door and find a piano. They stand there listening to the music with their arms around each other in a tense suggestion of resignation. Lyn really throws herself into saying "Madagascar." Their rap is pronounced "awesome," and they receive their clue. It was not awesome, but it was energetic, I will give them that. Piano music over! Time for the clue! Both teams read the clue directing them to the pit stop. Karlyn is just "praying that we're not last," while the *wins are getting their car and their leading taxi. They apparently don't get the taxi, though, because they seem to be navigating for themselves. "Hopefully, the Cho brothers are lost," Karlyn says, and then she immediately claims to feel bad.

At this point, the *wins apparently take a turn they should not take, and they wind up stopped by the police on a street that's supposed to be closed to traffic, or something. Godwin apologizes profusely, but he's directed to turn off the car and get out. That's not good news. The *lyns continue toward the pit stop. Godwin continues trying to talk his way out of trouble. What he gets instead is, "Show all documents." Oh, dear.

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