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Finish Last = Nice Guys?

So now, here are the *lyns, stepping on the mat. Welcome, Lyn and Karlyn, you are team number four. Unlike when they finished ahead of Dave and Mary, Lyn and Karlyn appear to feel no sadness at all regarding what's about to happen to the *wins. In fact, they hug Phil.

As it's starting to get dark, the *wins are finally dismissed by the police. When they get to the pit stop, they're told that they're the last team to arrive, and that they're eliminated. "No regrets," they agree, and they hug. Phil asks them about the decision to "run the race a little differently." "It was a personal thing as well as a race thing," Erwin says. He talks about their great friendships with Dave and Mary and the *lyns. "We're glad we did everything we could to keep them in the race as long as possible." Up to here, they're goofy, but still okay. But then Godwin starts in, sniffly as all hell. "We wanted to run the race the way we were raised," he says. Oh, fuck all. Like you were raised better than everyone else because when you play a game, you assume that winning is an affront to others? I don't care for this at all. If you want to play like this, then do it -- I think it's dumb, but it's clearly your decision. But then I don't want to hear about how it makes you more moral than everyone else. That is all kinds of irritating. Godwin continues to sniffle about doing the race the way they thought was "right." I wonder if they play tiddlywinks the same way. "Our goal," Erwin says, "was to play the game in a way that we felt that we could wake up the next morning and feel good about." Because God knows that in a competition everyone has agreed to participate in, playing to win is something you shouldn't feel good about. I'm sure they're nice guys, but I was ready for them to go home. A lot.

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Yield. BQs, potentially behind the *lyns. Oooh, rumble!

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