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Phil reminds us that the rest of the teams still have to make their way down the side of the tower. He Phils in that there are three rappel lines, and it's first-come, first-served, but your team can only occupy one line at a time. At the moment, Kandice is already on one of the lines as Dustin instructs her from the top that she can indeed do it. Just once, I want to hear the teammate say, "You know what? I don't think you can do this. I'd quit now, if I were you." Kandice falls against the side of the building as James and Tyler speed off toward, presumably, the airport.

Here are the Pointies, bounding into the tower downstairs and finding their way to the clue box. They are followed by *wins and *lyns. These three teams all read the clue, and they all head out a door, thinking they're going to find the tower. What do you suppose are the odds they'll get it on the first try, considering that this is basically the group made up of People Who Can't Get From Here To There Successfully Without A Sherpa?

Meanwhile, Kandice is done with the rappel, and Dustin is now getting started. My prediction: Kandice thinks she can do it. Dustin says she's "out of [her] comfort zone." I'll bet. Put her in a gown, people! Glue that butt! She'll feel right at home. Elsewhere, the trailing three teams learn that they did not find the tower. They just found part of the stadium. The *lyns actually find their way to the elevator first, so they head up the tower ahead of the Pointies and *wins. Then Rob and Kim, followed by Erwin and Godwin, find the tower. It's apparently a two-person elevator, so the Pointies go up first and the *wins have to wait. Dustin reaches the bottom, and when they read the clue and learn that they have to keep going, Dustin and Kandice don't seem surprised at all. "Where is Chernobyl?" one of them wonders as they get into their car, and the other one says, "I know it's where the atomic bomb went off." Oh, man. The clue just said "nuclear accident." You don't even have to know history. You just have to be able to read. I don't understand why she said that. Neither does the sound guy who inserts a huge gong sound, which, as you know, is Editor for "Get a load of that." Dustin now offers an interview in which she describes their relationship with James and Tyler as "love-hate," in that they "can't afford to spend time" together, and they're each other's competition, and so forth. Hmm. I call that "dating." Maybe that's why I so often wind up loving and hating simultaneously.

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