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Top of the tower. Karlyn is getting ready to start down. She actually doesn't seem particularly freaked out. I have a feeling that her everything-else skills are a lot better than her social skills. Then Kimberly offers a little prayer and starts down. (As I've said before, when you're praying not for victory but for the maintenance of your bodily integrity, I tend to cut slack.) The one having the most trouble is unsurprisingly Godwin, who has the previously mentioned paralyzing fear of heights, and is thus not crazy about walking down a building face-first. "I'm terrified right now," he says. Karlyn gets to the bottom and thanks Jesus. (Jesus: "Be nicer!") Godwin, on the other hand, decides that he can't do it yet, and that Erwin has to go first. Who's not bothered by the task? Kimberly. Lyn's approach is to pray for God to make her "bold." Erwin edges out onto the rope, his feet against the side of the tower. He initially doesn't think he can do it, and he claims that he hopes to inspire Godwin. "It's just the first step, is the hardest," says Godwin, who is in quite the position to give advice, considering that he not only doesn't know what's after the first step, he doesn't know what the first step is like, not having done it.

Tyler and James are arriving at the airport. They head for "International Flights." Good start. Chernobyl is almost definitely not in Finland. The BQs are close behind them.

Erwin continues to edge down the tower side. Lyn hasn't left yet, and Karlyn is grumbling about what would be taking Lyn so long. Meanwhile, Erwin has gotten all turned around, and he's hanging horizontally in the wrong direction, so he bonks into the wall with his head. I don't care who you are; that's funny. In fact, he then begins to slide down the wall with his head scraping against it. That is not easy to accomplish, even if you were trying to do it on purpose. Guy Rappels On Head is funny. It's like the diaper-stealing sequence in Raising Arizona: if you don't laugh, we are not friends. When Erwin gets to the bottom, he says to the equipment guy, "Have you ever seen anyone come down on their head before?" I think the answer to that, most likely, is "No." But I admire him for asking, which kind of allows him to take the situation back under his own control. Now, finally, Lyn is on her way down. Rob gets going next, as Godwin sits on top of the wall, contemplating his mortality and thinking that he really wishes there were someone he could allow to cut in front of him in line right about now. Lyn finishes the face-forward rappel fairly efficiently, so she and Karlyn get going in third place. As they run to the car, Lyn says, "What happened to Cho?" Disbelievingly, Karlyn says, "No! Why are we worried about Chos?" Karlyn explains in a voice-over that they still have an alliance with the Chos as far as sharing information, but it's not really about waiting around at this point. "We're all just going to run for it at this point." Hmph. That's what she thinks.

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