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Rob continues to rappel. Godwin crosses himself. Come on, Godwin. Now you're just freaking yourself out. Finally, he eases himself onto the side of the tower. Rob is all done, so the Pointies run for their car. Rob interviews that he "couldn't believe it" that this wasn't a pit stop. Kimberly is just hoping out loud that they'll be "equalized." In the car, Rob says they're going to "Russia." She's not so sure, but he acts like this is perfectly obvious, which it is if you follow the "Russia" = "Former Soviet Union" paradigm that predominates in many people who slept through college. Kimberly admits to being "geographically challenged." Back at the tower, Erwin encourages Godwin to "feel [his] way down." Finally, he gets to the bottom, and he and Erwin share a fairly desperate hug. I seriously think Godwin thought about what music they would play at his funeral throughout that entire thing. Godwin sounds like he's half-crying as they collect their $65 for the rest of the leg. Godwin wonders where the *lyns went, and Erwin says they left.

At the airport, James and Tyler are frustrated to find that things are closed or closing, and we learn that it's already 9:17 PM, which they acknowledge not noticing, presumably because of the abundant light. Playtime outside is very long in Finland. They find their way to a desk, where Tyler asks for "a flight to Chernobyl." No, dear. You are not flying directly to the site of the nuclear accident. The nice ticket lady doesn't get it, logically enough, and James reminds Tyler that the clue says to find the "capital city." "To Kiev," the lady tells them plainly, and yes, she pronounces it to rhyme with "grieve" -- one syllable. They tell her they need a flight there, but she says that there aren't any flights today. The first flight will leave tomorrow morning at 8:25 AM. The boys, Tyler in particular, are not happy at all about this development, since it basically means that everybody's going to catch up. It's the nightmare of the To Be Continued leg. Speaking of catching up, here are the BQs, making their way into the airport. Inside, James is encouraging Tyler to chill out as Tyler complains about how everything they did in the previous leg was for nothing. I'm glad he caught on, at least. The BQs come inside, and when they talk to James and Tyler, the A(AM!)s break the news about there being no flights until tomorrow. The BQs find a nice lady who tells them the same thing -- leave tomorrow morning at 8:25 AM, connect through Vienna. That's the fastest, and it will get them to Kiev at 1:35 PM. These two teams buy their tickets, then walk off together. Love! And hate!

Lyn and Karlyn are stopped to get directions to the airport, so the Pointies manage to wiggle ahead and get there before they do. But when the Pointies arrive, they find that the ticket lady has shut down operations for the night. She's still there, but she can't sell anything. They are able to learn from her that there are no more flights going out tonight anyway. Rob rubs his head, unable to remember whether Chernobyl is "in Moscow or in the Ukraine." He's surprisingly close, in a way. At least he's in the ballpark, and I have confidence that if he keeps rubbing, his head will give up the information. He asks the ticket lady whether Chernobyl is in the Ukraine, and she says that it is. Kimberly jumps in: "And the capital is... " The ticket lady answers: "Kiev." I have a feeling she remembers the conspicuous Americans with cameras she has already seen. The ticket lady tells them that the best they can do is a flight leaving tomorrow morning at 9:25 AM and connecting through Warsaw. There is, of course, the 8:25 AM through Vienna, but it's now sold out. She tells them that in terms of actually purchasing tickets, they can return in the morning at 6:00 AM.

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