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Finish Last = Nice Guys?

As James and Tyler are leaving, they run into the Pointies. Naturally, Rob and Kim pull over for a chat, and Tyler and James point them in the direction of the clue box. Dustin and Kandice see this happening, and one of them notes that it's happening because the two teams are friends. "We don't have any friends," Dustin says proudly. Because of course, only weak people have friends. Friends are for wimps! Rob isn't happy about being behind "the damn blondes," but Kim would rather focus on the fact that they "caught up to them," which they didn't, exactly, but they at least saw them, I suppose. It might feel like catching up. Up ahead in the A(AM!) car, James comments that if he'd been asked for directions by the *lyns or the *wins, he'd have told them to go the wrong way. Tyler mentions, not unfairly, that the "so-called genius Cho brothers" haven't gotten to the tank school yet. This proves, Tyler believes, that there is a difference between book smarts and street smarts -- basically, between knowing how to attend school and knowing how to read a map. I can't disagree, really.

Speaking of this, the *wins and *lyns are pulling over again so that Erwin can get directions. "Hurry up!" Lyn barks out the window at him. Karlyn complains about how the *wins are "indecisive," constantly stopping to ask people whether they're going the right way. "We just deal with it," she says. Pretty magnanimous of her, considering how nice she's being already just by following them.

At the Roadblock, Rob and Kimberly read the clue, and she takes it. Unlike the BQs and A(AM!)s, they choose to keep their taxi driver waiting for them while they complete the task. They must be pretty confident about how much money they have. Rob tells us that he's pretty bummed out that he's not driving the task, but he knows they have to pick Roadblocks intelligently, and he knows that Kimberly can do this. "I'd like to be in the tank with her, doin' it," he says. And how! He also thinks Kimberly will "get a little aggression out" with the tank. Heh. I must say, if I could drive a tank periodically, it might make me more agreeable, too.

The *lyns spot the arrow leading to the Roadblock, so for about 15 seconds, the *wins actually follow them for the first time in the episode. Up ahead, Kim finishes the Roadblock. In an interview where they're seen together, Rob says that he thinks Kimberly is finding out that she is "a superhuman creature from outer space," and she laughs. That was really cute, and he got away with it this time, probably because he didn't call her a fat superhuman creature from outer space. They pull the clue sending them back to Kiev. They hook back up with their driver and get him to agree to lead them back into the city.

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