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Lookin' Like A Blue-Haired Lady On A Sunday Drive

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Finish Last = Nice Guys?

The *wins and *lyns reach the Roadblock clue box. Lyn and Godwin take the Roadblock for their teams, and they both don their silly little tank-driving helmets, which make everyone look like they're part of a pitched battle against Snoopy. They're off! Through the mud! Through the explosions that aren't really dangerous! Oh, the pretend peril.

So it turns out that the BQs and A(AM!)s have had a little trouble getting back to Kiev, so they've waylaid a guy who's going to allow them to follow him into the city. They take off with their guide, trying to keep him in sight as he weaves in and out of Ukrainian traffic.

At tank school, Godwin gets the most wet of anyone when he crashes through the water hazard. It kind of figures he'd take the brunt. He probably would have volunteered for it. Lyn gets a little hung up just as she's about to do that part, and we watch as she jumps a little at one of the prop explosions. Hee. Godwin finally seems to be enjoying himself just as he finishes the task and parks his tank. They read the clue that tells them to return to Kiev, but -- this is not a joke -- they decide to wait for the *lyns. They know the *lyns are the last team, they've just given themselves a shot at a lead, but they decide to sit there and wait. ["You know, the show is titled accurately, because I am in fact genuinely amazed by this." -- Sars] Erwin interviews that while "some people" might find waiting to be "a risk" (or "stupid," which he does not say), they figure that they can all work together and not get lost. I guess that's a reflection on what a great help the *lyns have been up to this point in keeping the *wins from getting lost. Lyn finishes up and stops her tank, and she and Karlyn open the clue. As they get in their car, Karlyn comments that she doesn't understand why the *wins waited, and adds that she "wouldn't expect them to." Once they're on the way, Karlyn can't help asking why Lyn didn't get wet like Godwin did. Lyn theorizes that it's because she was "scooted up to the front, lookin' like a blue-haired lady on a Sunday drive." Karlyn laughs. There's a happy face you don't see very often.

So up ahead, the BQs are talking about the possibility of ditching the A(AM!)s, and the A(AM!)s are talking about the possibility of being ditched, figuring that if the BQs got the chance, they'd cut them loose. The BQs do indeed try to lose the guys by driving through a semi-red light, but they're out of luck when the guys cruise right through the entirely red light. "Those little lawbreakers," Dustin comments. Come on, now! Give in to your feelings, Dustin! When has dating a law-breaking hot addict not been a good idea?

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