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Things are not going so well for the Pointies, who watch in horror as a red light appears on their dashboard. Indeed, their car, she is kaput. Behind them, Godwin notes that "anything can happen" and says they'll "pray for a miracle." The Pointies, of course, are accompanied by the driver they've been following, who gets out and pops the hood for them. I don't think the giant wall of steam/smoke that emerges is a good sign, as the car is doing everything short of moaning in actual pain. In Ukrainian. As if you haven't gotten the possible importance of this development yet, we see Lyn say in her car that "it's not over until the fat lady sings, and I haven't seen a fat lady yet." "We're done," Rob complains -- again -- as he stands next to his dead car. This, quite obviously, takes us to the commercials.

When we come back from commercials, Kimberly is unhappily noting that while they sit here waiting for a new car to arrive, the other teams are going to be catching up. It is a hard thing not to notice while you're standing by the side of the road, just waiting for the next hilariously inept car to come down the same road.

In the *lyns' car, Lyn is mildly complaining that the *wins aren't driving quite as fast as she'd like. I think it's Karlyn who throws in, "Oh my God, that's so annoying!" I wish there were a solution to this that were within their control. If only they, too, had access to maps and directions, they could take things into their own hands. Meanwhile, in the *wins' car, the guys are wondering whether there might be a faster road than the one they're on, so they pull into a gas station. Karlyn complains to Lyn about how they're stopping "every five seconds" to confirm that they're going the right way. When they've stopped at the gas station, Erwin goes inside to ask, while Lyn approaches someone in a car to ask the same thing. Finally! Take control! Stop complaining! Drive your own destiny! And your own clown car! Yeesh.

At the sad scene of the Pointies' breakdown, Rob is asking the driver they've been following to please wait while their replacement car is sent for. Phil, for the second time this season related specifically to this team, explains about bad cars and free replacement cars and the lack of a time credit. Rob and Kim indeed get their new car -- or their new old car -- and they finally get on their way, not having been passed by the *wins and *lyns.

Speaking of the trailing teams, once Lyn and Erwin have both gotten their directions, they get back in the car, but not before Lyn tells Erwin to ask Godwin why he's driving so slow. Erwin does ask, and Godwin answers, "I don't know." I don't know about you guys, but I'll bet it's something having to do with integrity.

We briefly check on the Pointies, who aren't particularly loving their new car, either. Rob notes that the clutch isn't very cooperative, but Kimberly soothingly says that the car is working, so they need to "just go." She handled that pretty well, actually, but he still smacks the steering wheel in frustration. You can't have everything. I kind of envision the car with a cartoon face, though. Crying. It's doing its best!

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