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The Curse of the Red Pearl

Idries & Jamil finally get their Detour clue at long last, aware that they're in tenth and last place as they climb the ladder back to the boat. They're still hoping for either problems for other teams ahead of them or a non-elimination leg, because what else can they do? I don't think it's a spoiler to say that one of their wishes has already been granted, but the question of whether it's going to be enough still remains.

Jennifer says that either the view or the greeter is beautiful (correct on both counts, actually) as she and Caroline make it to the mat, where Phil is pleased to tell them they're team number seven. "Lucky number seven!" Caroline celebrates. That is indeed lucky. They started this leg in last place, and if Max and Pam didn't suck at stilts, and if Pam & Winnie hadn't gotten lost, and if Idries & Jamil could swim, that's where they'd still be. I hope they've learned their lesson.

Pam keeps falling off her stilts and Katie says of Max from the sidelines, "Caroline just kicked his ass, so that's pretty embarrassing for him." Not until you said so, lady. Pam sits down and asks for a Band-Aid and as Winnie comes over to talk to her, we get a nice close-up shot of the split, sand-encrusted blister on her foot. Now in HD! Katie is now squatting just beyond the finish line to provide motivation for Max. "There's my girl," he grins from atop his stilts and interviews that it helped to see her there and think, "I have got to get this done." "Or I'll kill you," Katie adds. "Or you'll kill me," he agrees. Wow, the honeymoon is already over even before it's over. Pam & Winnie watch him finish. "And they just beat us and that's really embarrassing," Winnie tells Pam helpfully. Team Newlywed runs right to the mat and becomes team number eight, which is only the case because Pam & Winnie can't do stilts or navigation and Idries & Jamil can't swim. I hope they've learned their lesson too.

Pam gets back to it and Winnie remarks to us that if there's a team behind them, they're not even here yet, which I think means that it doesn't seem likely that there's a team behind them. Which normally would be the case. Pam gets to where she last left her coconut and... falls off again. "I feel like an idiot!" she says.

Idries & Jamil board their jet-ski and roar across the water. Are they actually going to catch up?

Pam is getting increasingly frustrated at the stilt task. "I'm not going to give up. I'm just really tired," she assures us. Finally she manages to kick-drag the coconut across the finish line and she and Winnie make it to the mat. Phil makes them wait, saying, "Pam & Winnie..."

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