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The Curse of the Red Pearl

The other teams from the first flight join the little group, so Dave loudly remarks about the "first flight fraternity," loud enough for the teams in the "sloppy seconds fraternity" (my name, not theirs) to overhear. Way to keep it on the down low. Meghan remarks on Dave & Connor whispering to Jessica & John, and Mona & Beth interview about all the other teams sucking up to them as well. One of the derby moms, Mona, tells us about how sucking up isn't her nature. But then when Jessica comes up to be sucked up to, Mona introduces herself and tells her that she and Beth have been calling them Abercrombie & Fitch because they're so gorgeous. Wow, not sucking up turns out to be something she sucks at. Joey & Meghan interview that they aren't playing and then, to their credit, are not immediately seen playing. Bates & Anthony, the hockey-playing brothers, interview about how they'll need to look out for Jessica & John with their Express Passes and all, but also that Jessica & John will need to look out for them.

Soon water taxis are motoring toward the dock at 7:30 AM to pick up the first eight teams. After last week's leg, which exposed their phobia of water for all to see, Idries and Jamil aren't looking forward to getting back on a boat, even bigger ones like this. And even though every team gets its own boat, so it's not like crowding will be a problem. On the second-place water taxi, Bates & Anthony run down the missing teams: the country singers and Team Newlywed, who quit the second Roadblock and took the penalty; and firefighters Matt & Daniel, who, we're reminded by an onscreen graphic, did the same and were eliminated. On the third-place boat, Dave tells their driver to pass the hockey players, and we're reminded again in a solo interview from Dave that they've both beaten cancer, especially Connor. Anthony has his own story of medical adversity to share, as he explains to the interview camera how he got hit in the face with a puck. He obligingly pops his teeth out to show off the damage. "I need rope as dental floss right now," he quips. Idries & Jamil talk about how they have an advantage from their years of experience in staying calm while sleep-deprived. That's actually a good point and we'll see if it's true. If they can ever get off this island, that is.

The first few teams are dropped off at the resort's dock and they run onshore in search of the chapel, though not all in the same direction. Chuck all but drags Wynona up the hill as she interviews about how they're "old as dirt" and apologizes to him for being a sucky partner. The first team to find the chapel -- which seems to be less the tiny white building than the grounds behind it overlooking the Pacific -- is Connor & Dave. The priest performs a little blessing on them and hands them their first-place clue, which is for a Detour. Suddenly Phil's out on a dock explaining that the Detour will have racers searching the Pacific "for two things that are treasured by the French Polynesian people." The entire Pacific?

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