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The Curse of the Red Pearl

For "Pick a Pearl," racers will have to go half a mile offshore and dive for oysters that are hung on lines underwater. Topside, they'll have to open the oysters until they find two red pearls, then swim to a guy waiting in a nearby canoe and claim their next clue from him. For "Take a Trunk," they'll put on a diving helmet and recover a trunk from a pile of them sitting on the ocean floor. Then they'll have to carry it over to one of the underwater umbrellas standing nearby, unpack the trunk and use its contents to construct a little picnic table, complete with tablecloth, place settings and wine glasses. So the French Polynesian people treasure pearls and... dinner? Suddenly Phil is at one of these underwater tables wearing one of these helmets, as he says, "Once they have everything in its proper place, the waiter will hand over their next clue." And there the waiter is, wearing scuba gear and carrying a covered tray that he opens to reveal a clue. Dave & Connor decide to go with Pick a Pearl. Jessica & John are the next to get their clue and as they take their leave of the priest, Bates says to them, "Congratulations, you guys just get married?" "Ha ha, not quite," John panic-laughs. Clearly this is going to be A Thing all season. Both these teams also opt for Pick a Pearl and we hear one of them reading aloud from the clue, "For both Detours, pick up your water shoes and snorkeling gear before going down to your water taxi," which is a certain sign that somebody's going to fail to do that. Indeed, Dave & Connor are already cutting across paths (and the carefully tended hedges dividing them), having left the gear behind with their names written on shells next to it. The other two teams manage to follow directions, though.

Still trying to get up the hill, Chuck asks Wynona, half-jokingly, if she wants to get on his shoulders. Joey & Meghan also decide to do Pick a Pearl. Mona & Beth -- worried that opening oysters might prove tricky -- decide to go with Take a Trunk instead. Pam & Winnie are going with Pick a Pearl. So are Idries and Jamil. I thought they'd pick the one where they wouldn't have to hold their breath, but I guess they'd rather do something where they figure they can finish up and get back out of the water as quickly as possible. Which, we're about to see how that works out for them. Chuck & Wynona accept their blessing and their clue before deciding on Pick a Pearl. They're now in eighth place or last place if you only count the teams who finished the previous leg.

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