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The Curse of the Red Pearl

Dave & Connor are on the water taxi, feeling confident and prepared and happy to be in first place, because they don't know yet that they've foolishly left their gear behind. In the boat right behind them, Anthony decides he should take his teeth out to snorkel. That does seem like a no-win proposition. One generally uses one's teeth to help hold one's snorkel in place, but on the other hand one doesn't want to lose them in the ocean and have one's hunt for pearls turn into a hunt for one's pearly whites. Joey says something to Meghan about using his muscles or his own teeth to crack open the oysters if necessary, as the first of several boats pull up to the oyster field. Now Connor thinks to wonder where their snorkel and fins are and he calls across the water to ask Jessica & John where they got theirs, which of course was back at the chapel, like everyone else. Connor interviews about having gone from first to last in a matter of minutes. "We screwed up big time," Dave says, a remark which is not a screw-up at all.

The other three teams who actually came prepared -- Bates & Anthony, Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan -- jump in and start diving for pearls. It's deeper than I thought, maybe twenty feet or so, but they don't have to go all the way to the bottom. There are, like, long underwater clotheslines they have to get to, with strings of shells hanging several feet below them, but the top of each string is only six or eight feet below the surface. I'm not sure Dave & Connor even need masks, snorkels and fins to do this. Bates & Anthony interview about how it was tough but amazing, and working together helped. "Even with our brains, two are better than one," Bates says with what is quickly becoming their trademark self-deprecation. Beth & Mona are delivered to the "Take a Trunk" area nearby and are quickly fitted with dive helmets as they lower themselves into the water. The first one down is a little scared at first, but calms herself by watching the fish and stingrays going by. Her partner joins her and they talk about how communication is key in roller derby: "When you're on the track and skating, it is happening so fast and it's happening while people are hitting you." I can think of a few episodes of this show that might have been improved with a little hitting. Here, they manage to communicate nonverbally through the process of dragging the trunk over to the umbrella area. One day I hope to see Bora Bora's undersea umbrellas with my own eyes.

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