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The Curse of the Red Pearl

The next batch of three teams -- Idries & Jamil (one of whom narrates, "Just getting in the water, it was just so deep and it was everywhere"), Pam & Winnie and Chuck & Wynona -- begin the pearl task, each team working its own area. Although Wynona seems to be more or less sitting this one out, because Chuck's the better swimmer. Also not swimming together are Joey & Meghan, who have devised an efficient new system where Joey throws lines of oysters onto the boat, where Meghan pries the shells open. Plus this way she can tell him to go back for more as soon as she comes up empty, which she seems to be doing a lot.

Dave & Connor run back to the chapel and get their snorkel stuff -- upset about their mistake -- and tell their water taxi driver to go as fast as he can. Like it's his fault.

Only one of the twins is in the water, still holding onto the ladder, when he says they need to quit and take a penalty. The other one insists they try: "There are two choices. It's six hours. No way, no way." He wants to give it at least five minutes before quitting, but his brother isn't even up for that much. And yes, I know I should be making some effort to learn which of them is which. It wouldn't even be as hard as last season with Natalie and Nadiya, because these guys wear their beards slightly differently. On the other hand, the way things are going for them, I'm not sure it's worth spending the time.

Meghan says she's opened up fifty oysters there on the boat, although I'm not sure why she has her mask and snorkel back on. Maybe she just thinks they make her look cool, in which case she is mistaken. Jessica & John haul a few lines aboard together and Meghan is the first to find a red pearl. Only one to go. Idries is still trying to persuade Jamil to do the Detour. Jessica and John find their first red pearl and Jamil is insisting they bail rather than waste any more time not doing it. Frustrated, Idries seems to agree and sits down on the boat's seat. "We're done," he says. I don't know, tasks seem to be more or less optional this season.

After the ads, though, Idries is still holding out for giving it a try, because he'd rather go down swinging. Or, as the case may be, go down trailing bubbles.

On the water taxi back to the oyster field, Connor exposits to Dave that they're still ahead of the two teams who never showed up this morning. Speaking of whom, the newlyweds Max & Katie and the blonde country singers Jennifer & Caroline finally join the episode, ten and eleven minutes before their respective starting times. Looking at the 7:30 sign, Katie points out that all the teams ahead of them would have had to wait, cutting their lag time from four hours to one and a half. So effectively, they got a penalty of less than two hours, and got to sleep later. The saying is that quitters never win, but this show just gave them an advantage.

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