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The Curse of the Red Pearl

Connor and then Dave finally get into the water. I do hope they find that snorkeling gear invaluable, although given that this isn't all that far out, maybe they only lost ten minutes or so. Pam & Winnie are having a little trouble, not being fans of the ocean in the first place and then accidentally overloading themselves with more shells than they can easily swim back to the boat with. Wynona keeps offering to join Chuck in the water, because he's both diving and opening them by himself without even bothering to swim back to the boat. As a result, he's a little too busy to answer, so she goes ahead and jumps in, to her credit. Chuck seems fully prepared to straight-up drag her around the world if need be, just for the chance to run the race, but I get the sense she would rather pull her own weight, whether she actually can or not. Dave & Connor find their first red pearl without ever getting out of the water, but Joey & Meghan have their second one by now. She jumps out of the boat, so she and Joey can swim over to the guy waiting in the canoe. Jessica & John also find their second pearl. "Be very careful, it's worth a million dollars," John tools. Bates & Anthony also have a complete pair, although Anthony is having sinus pain from the diving. "Must be [those] giant nose hairs," Bates says helpfully. Chuck & Wynona have found one, as have Pam & Winnie. But Joey & Meghan have already gotten their clue and are in first place by the time they swim back to their water taxi to open it. "Make your way by personal water craft to Motu Tapu," it reads. The aforementioned jet-skis (yes, I know Jet-Skiā„¢ is a registered trademark of Kawasaki, so sue me) are anchored nearby and the racers will have to swim to those as well, where they'll find a "local map" -- actually a sodden scrap of fabric with a few green blobs and a red X painted on it -- tied to the handlebars. They're supposed to use this to navigate to Motu Tapu, which Phil tells us is "the most photographed isle in the South Pacific," probably because it's small enough that the entire island fits inside one shot. And it's where they'll find their next clue. Joey & Meghan jump back in the water, while Dave & Connor find their second red pearl and just like that are back in the running. As they read their clues aboard their respective boats, Jessica & John are in second, Bates & Anthony are in third and Dave & Connor are in fourth. They all jump back off their boats to get to their jet-skis. Poor Idries & Jamil. If they ever finish this Detour, all that awaits them is yet more swimming.

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