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The Curse of the Red Pearl

Meanwhile, the derby moms are just now opening their trunk on the ocean floor and having a little fun pulling out two folding chairs and a folding table, a tablecloth, plates, cutlery and wine glasses, which they set up amid the passing fish and manta rays. A scuba diver in a waiter's tuxedo swims over to deliver their clue on the tray. They love every moment of this, which is good because they didn't make up a lot of time doing it. They're in fifth place and are now pretty excited about jet-skiing. Always nice to see people enjoying themselves on the race, at least in the first few legs. After that they need to quit lollygagging and get the lead out.

Max & Katie become the ninth team to depart at 9:14 AM. This actually puts them an hour and 44 minutes behind the other teams, as opposed to the hour and a half that Katie keeps claiming it is, but whatever. They're on their water taxi and heading out by the time Jennifer and Caroline open their clue a minute later. "One of us is gonna bite it today," Max interviews. So are they maybe thinking that the penalty pact they all entered at the end of the previous leg wasn't such a good idea after all? Naaah.

As they lower themselves into the water, Idries advises Jamil, "Close your mouth. If you do that, the water won't come in." These guys went to medical school. They interview about having wasted 45 minutes at this and getting nowhere, which seems like a bit of a spoiler. Chuck & Wynona get their second of two red pearls, after which Chuck hauls her back onto the boat like a landed fish, only with less flopping on the deck on her part. In fact, she just lies there dripping for a minute. Eventually she recovers enough so that they can read their clue and start swimming for the jet skis. Meanwhile, Dave & Connor make up enough time on the swim to get to the water craft just seconds after the hockey brothers and Jessica & John. Joey & Meghan are the first to peel out, followed by Jessica & John and then Bates & Anthony, then Dave & Connor, all of whom rhapsodize about what a spectacular scene it was. Indeed, the cameramen film all the beauty of the surrounding islands as though they constructed them personally.

Max & Katie get their blessing from the Polynesian priest and Max shares that they just got married, "four weeks ago and then again today." I thought it was three weeks ago, but maybe it just seems longer. Caroline and Jennifer get their blessing and clue and a moment later Katie asks the singers, "You guys want to do it together?" Yes, great plan when one of you is almost certainly doomed. Of course, we saw a similar scenario last season when Abbie & Ryan and Brent & Josh were hours behind everyone else and decided to team up for reasons I still don't understand. But in this case, Katie interviews afterward that she wanted to know what the singers were up to. Max puts it a little more colorfully: "Keep our eyes on dinner."

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