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The Pill Of Victory

Commercials. John McEnroe as a killer? Really? Sigh.

Unfortunately, when we return, the fight is not quite over. "You said that I wasn't a good teammate. That's a big thing to say, Kandice," Dustin says. Kandice goes on to say that Dustin was, in that situation, not listening and was wanting instead to just do her own thing. Speaking of doing your own thing, we cut back to Charla and Mirna, fighting through the waves to get to the buoy, which they finally do. They fetch their clue. And then we go back to the BQs, just in time to see Dustin say this: "The fun of this race for me, Kandice? Is doing it with you. I'd rather not do it if it's like this," she says, in tears. "It's over," Kandice says. "Let's just get to California, and let's just do this." Dustin smiles a little in the front seat. "I'm not going to drag this out any longer," Kandice continues. You can tell that she's still angry, but nevertheless, Dustin reaches her hand into the back seat, and Kandice gives it a squeeze and says, "We have a race to run, sister." Aw! She adds, "Sorry," and Dustin says, "It's tough on a friendship." That argument wasn't quite as functional as it looked on first glance, and it's clear that they do have some underlying issues that they'd probably be better off confronting at some point, including Kandice's feeling that she's the suck-it-up person and they couldn't work together if she weren't. But for now? On to the end. This is not the time to get all, "I now would like to discuss my eight-point list of grievances with you as a teammate."

On the beach, Mirna pronounces the paddling "the worst experience [she's] ever had in [her] entire life." Replacing several other previously worst experiences of her entire life that have taken place during her two seasons of racing. They read the clue about going to San Francisco. They talk about how tired they are as they walk up the beach toward their car. You can tell that kayak was a real ass-kicking for everyone.

Eric and Pink are getting into their helicopter to go back to Honolulu. They're followed by the BQs. In the Charla/Mirna car, they look totally wiped out as they discuss how difficult it was. At the Honolulu airport, Eric and Pink are looking for tickets to Oakland. (Apparently, Mirna told someone at the party that the teams were required to fly into Oakland rather than SFO, in a [totally futile] attempt to avoid spoilers by hitting the smaller airport.) They learn that ATA has a direct flight. The BQs show up at the airport, and Charla and Mirna get on their helicopter.

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