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The Pill Of Victory

But here they are anyway, and they're the winners. They're both very happy about the money they just won. They have really nothing to say about each other that's pleasant, other than things related to winning.

The BQs come in second. Very gracious. You can tell Phil wishes they'd won. And then Charla and Mirna. Who, apparently, Danny and Oswald wish had won. Bleh. Charla says that they had a great time, but it was very tough. Phil prods the crowd of other teams to cheer for them. Charla interviews that she's proud of all they did. Mirna, of course, wants to talk about Charla's "obstacles," which Charla chose not to do, because that's not the focus of the way Charla sees herself the way it's the focus of the way Mirna sees her. Mirna goes on about "breaking stereotypes," as if she broke any. She says "people got to know the real Charla and Mirna." Awesome. Good to know. That makes me feel validated. Dustin is very happy about all her memories. Kandice says that her grandmother told her to reach for the moon, and that way, she'd at least hit the stars. Either Kandice has that backwards, or Grandma didn't have a great understanding of astronomy. Kandice is grinning, but you can tell she's piiiiiissed.

Now, the stupid part is repeated from last time around -- Phil puts Eric and Pink on a Sprint phone to call people back home. Sprint! Sprint! Sprint! Eric calls Jeremy, who looks...kind of ill, to the point where I'm hesitant to make fun of him. I'm not sure what's up with him, but if that's not just the effects of too much drinking and natural bloating, I wish him well. Jeremy puts on a show of being happy that Eric and Pink won. Jeremy promises Eric "some spankings." Danielle calls no one. Eric talks about being "proud of" her for how she did on the race. Eric says "I definitely see things progressing," which apparently means they're progressing toward never speaking to each other again. The absence of any genuine affection for each other is palpable. Not a terrible season, all in all, but a very badly constructed final leg that led to the kind of finish to which a badly constructed final leg exposes you. I mean, Eric and Danielle don't like each other, and I'm not sure Charla and Mirna like each other, and Dustin and Kandice have only been friends for a couple of years and were totally robbed. It's not exactly the finish many of us often hope for. At least Flo had Zach. This is like...Flo and Wil. Anyway, with any luck, they'll hang around for another season so that we can all reminisce some more about the good old days of racing that probably never existed.

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