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Finally, the United guy tells Mirna that they have their tickets, just as the other teams on the other flight discuss the fact that it seems like everyone would have to be on this flight. But the door closes, and Charla and Mirna aren't there, so now, the other teams are all confused. In fact, they walk the length of the plane again just to be sure. What's interesting is that they're smart enough not to be like, "Wooo! They missed it!" Because they know that whatever else there is to say about Mirna, she's got the flight-fu.

Commercials. I don't understand how there is still Taco Bell when the food looks so gross. And seriously, Pirate Master? Dude. No. It looks worse than Taco Bell.

When we return, Eric recaps for us that they really don't have any idea where Charla and Mirna are, nor whether they're ahead or behind. And then we are in Honolulu, with the expected music playing in the background. Hawaii contains ukuleles! And surfers! And very, very expensive food! Charla and Mirna arrive ahead of schedule at 6:40 AM, and they're "Currently In 1st Place," and they run for a taxi. They talk about wanting to be first to sign up for the helicopter flight. Behind them, the second flight lands, equally ahead of schedule, at 7:20 AM. Eric and Pink and the BQs run off the flight. They get cabs. Charla and Mirna, meanwhile, get to the hangar and sign up for the first helicopter flight. Phil tells us that these flights will leave ten minutes apart to fly 120 miles to Lanai. There, each team will choose a jeep and drive three miles to Kaumalapau Harbor. Mirna laments the fact that her lead will shrink to ten minutes due to departures. Perhaps it's a little bit more fair than she thinks, given that she picked up like two hours due to departures at the beginning of the leg, no? Live by the bunch, die by the bunch, lady.

The Eric and Pink and BQ taxis jockey for arrival at the hangar, and as it happens, Eric and Pink find the right entrance first, so they're second and the BQs are third to sign up for the helicopter flights. Needless to say, neither of these teams are happy to see that they were edged out by Charla and Mirna. "I had a feeling they might be here," Dustin says with a smile. Mirna, who hates disgusting liars and people with bad character, tells Eric (for no particular reason) that she was on the same flight that he was on, but he calls her bluff immediately, because he instantly knows she's lying. Seriously, you think you could be on a flight from Tokyo to Honolulu with Charla and Mirna in an enclosed plane and be unaware of their presence? You'd be more likely not to notice a Great Dane in your lap while you're at the dentist. On the helicopter to Lanai that leaves at 9:00, Mirna talks about how it "uplifted [their] spirits" to get the earlier flight, and we watch as they do fake hulas on the helicopter. It's an instinct we'd all have, and one that I hope I would find a way to ignore. Eric and Pink follow, and Pink's just happy to be ahead of someone. Eric calls the view of Honolulu "real pretty." Well, he's nothing if not articulate. When the BQs leave, they show shades of Mirna by telling their helicopter pilot that they need to hurry. At least he's not in the military. "I understand," the pilot says, fortunately for them, rather than being like, "If you two don't settle down, I will just stop this helicopter right now, and we will go home. Is that what you want? Huh? Huh?"

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