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Charla and Mirna land in Lanai. They get in their jeep and leave, with Mirna noting that Eric and Pink's helicopter can be seen landing off to the left. Eric and Pink do indeed arrive and get in their jeep. She is almost all the way out of that shirt, I'll tell you that much. Her seatbelt is like, "Um, excuse me, sorry, don't mean to...touch quite so much of your...yeah, sorry." The BQs land as well. Elsewhere, Mirna is admiring the cliffs and how they "drop straight down." A person could fall. And hurt herself. BUT I HOPE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN. They park and approach the guy in "traditional dress" or whatever, who hands them their clue. The clue is for a Detour, and the choices are Under and Over. (Or, if you like old-school Detour options, "Under It, Dude" and "Over It, Shrewd." Or something.) In Under, you go to an underwater cave and swim down to get your clue. It sounds easy, but the thing kind of spits water aggressively like you're swimming into the world's biggest llama mouth, so getting in there isn't that easy. In Over, both team members have to stand on a paddleboard and paddle it to a buoy. Charla and Mirna decide to do the Over option. It strikes me that in all of Hawaii, this is what they came up with? "Swim straight down" and "stand up and row"? Whatever.

The BQs, currently in last place, talk about how ten or twenty minutes at this point isn't anything, which is totally true. In fact, I don't think an hour would be anything. Final leg! Nothing matters! As Charla and Mirna arrive at the Detour, Mirna is complaining that this requires "technique" and that they won't know how to do it. Meanwhile, Eric and Pink reach the Detour and initially select the Under option, but when Eric sees Charla and Mirna going for the standing and paddling, he wants to do that instead. As for Charla and Mirna themselves, Charla -- who has a wonderfully low center of gravity for this purpose -- is finding standing up and paddling to be not that difficult, and she tries to reassure Mirna that it's not that hard. Mirna snaps back, "It's not that hard because you're a lot shorter than me!" Somehow, I suspect Charla is aware of this fact, but you can't have too many reminders, I'm sure. Charla yells, "Stay low!" which I love, because...well, whatever. Charla's smart enough to enjoy watching herself be awesome at something while Mirna sucks at it. Indeed, Mirna is very slow at this, and as she admits in a voiceover, Charla does infinitely better than she does at this particular thing. It's nice that at least she can give Charla credit for being good at the height-averse tasks. ("Charla did a great job being really short.")

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