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Meanwhile, Eric and Pink have changed their minds again after watching the girls struggle, so now they're back to doing the Under option. When they get there and hop out of the boat, Eric comments that they're in quite a bit of water. Eric voices over that he has a "shark phobia," so he was nervous and looking for sharks the whole time. Maybe sharks are looking for him, too. Cross your fingers! Charla and Mirna finally finish with the paddling and take their clue back to the boat. Now, the claim is that Charla and Mirna open a clue that says, "Make your way to Shipwreck Beach and find your next clue." This is not, in fact, strictly what occurred. What occurred is that they went and did a Roadblock, which was not aired in the episode. (It's helpful to have a party with those in the know after the fact.) And it was a Roadblock in which the clue actually stated who had to do the Roadblock, because Dustin, Mirna, and Pink were the ones required to do it. (I realize that Mirna was sort of "saved" for this Roadblock just in case it was an impossibility for Charla, but it really is interesting to note that Charla did fully half of the Roadblocks, in spite of Mirna's insistence on several occasions that she has to do everything herself and is tremendously put-upon.) But since we're not seeing the Roadblock, Phil claims that they are going from here to Shipwreck Beach, named for...well, a nearby shipwreck. I know. You were wondering how it got that name. You can imagine, the beach is probably pretty pissed off, considering the lovely and colorful names that many other things in Hawaii wound up with. The beach is like, "'Shipwreck Beach'? Really? Don't strain yourself, there, genius." Anyway, at the beach, they'll walk a mile up the beach to find their next clue. As Charla and Mirna boat off, Charla chuckles happily: "Low to the ground, that's my technique." Heh. See, she has a sense of humor about it, you know?

Eric and Pink make it to the underwater cave and fetch their clue. Charla and Mirna get in their jeep and head for Shipwreck Beach. Elsewhere, the BQs find the Detour clue and decide to go with Under. As Eric and Pink read the clue for Shipwreck Beach, you'll notice that Pink is soaked and looks a little bit like somebody just hit her in the face with a ping-pong paddle, while Eric is dry. This is because she just did the Roadblock. The Roadblock that involved diving off a cliff and, as I understand it, kind of face-planting in Pink's particular case. Dustin and Kandice, in the meantime, are having a little trouble with the underwater cave, and Dustin explains that the whole thing made her feel panicky, and trying to time it so you could get under instead of getting forcefully sprayed in the face by the edge of the cave was kind of difficult. Eric and Pink are back in their jeep, leaving for the beach. In the cave, the BQs are having a hard time, because Dustin really kind of freaked out about the difficulty breathing, but they get out and head back to their boat. Once again, we see soaking Dustin and the dry Kandice (Dustin did the Roadblock) as they read the clue for Shipwreck Beach. They note that there hasn't been much of an opportunity to catch up -- yet.

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