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The BQs are having some trouble kayaking, as well as some trouble deciding exactly how to tackle the task. As they (surprisingly) bicker quite a bit, Kandice voices over that Dustin sometimes doesn't listen to her, which causes her to feel "extreme frustration." Apparently, Dustin made the choice to get out of the boat and try to walk the boat for a while, because paddling it was so tough, while Kandice thinks it's a bad idea and not even safe to be out of the boat, since she feels like she's going to slice her legs open on the rocks. Eric and Pink, however, have successfully made their way to the buoy, where they are collecting their clue. "We're going to have to work, Dustin," Kandice says sharply. "We can't walk." They get back in the boat and try, but they get dumped out of the boat. Mirna is busy berating Charla: "Charla, please MOVE YOUR PADDLES A LITTLE!" And then she screeches something I can't even understand after several listens, except that it ends with "ARE YOU DEAF?" Again, as Mirna has said, she doesn't believe in giving Charla special treatment. Same as everyone else! Because that's what respect is about, people. If she didn't yell at Charla, that would mean she didn't think of her as an equal. Not an equal to Mirna, of course, but an equal to the rest of the world. Mirna keeps on screeching, and the BQs finally make it to the buoy. They were clearly paddling against the current on the way out, because the trip back seems to be far easier.

Back on shore, Eric and Pink read a clue sending them to San Francisco. When they land, they'll head for the Old Mint. Eric and Pink, and then the BQs, read this clue and head for their cars. Getting into the car, Pink assures us that getting a good flight is "impor-ant." For the first time, something is very much amiss with the BQs in their car. Kandice voices over that they were both very frustrated and angry by the time they got back from the paddling. And Kandice is taking the lead: "Dustin, out there on the water, you were not a good teammate," she says from the back seat. "You were about Dustin, and that's it, and you didn't care what I was saying." "We paddled your way," Dustin counters. "No, we didn't," says Kandice. Dustin insists it was "a give and take," but Kandice is like, "Not." "I have no patience for you right now," Kandice says. It gets a little painful as Dustin insists that she was doing what she thought was good for the team, while Kandice is sort of put off that overriding her was what Dustin deemed best for the team. Kandice says that she "suck[s] up a lot," and that Dustin "can't ever admit anything" (yikes). "Kandice, you're saying a lot of hurtful stuff right now," Dustin says. Finally, Kandice says that "it's over." I hope so! I don't like fighting. Unless exactly the right person is getting a blow to the head. It's kind of painful how they're trying very hard to have Productive Conflict, like, "You are making me feel [x]. I need you to validate my feeling that [y]." "Well, right now, I am feeling [z]." But of course, it's very difficult for that not to degenerate into "Right now, I very much feel like hitting you with [a, b, and c]."

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