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In any event, BJ and Tyler pull into the airfield just behind Joseph and Monica. Basically, what happens is that Joseph and Monica find the parking where you're actually supposed to park, it appears, while BJ and Tyler just stop driving and leave their car along the little road into the airfield. It's not by much, but BJ and Tyler get to the Yield mat first, and they immediately Yield MoJo. Now, we've discussed before why, as a general matter, Yielding the team right behind you is actually the least intelligent thing you can do -- it literally minimizes the value of the Yield to use it this way. There's no one you can Yield where it will get you less of a racing advantage than you'll get from Yielding people who are landing on the mat an instant after you do. You should use it on someone who at least might be in last place, although obviously, you'd have to guess between two teams in this particular situation. Furthermore, the only way I can think of that you might think it was a good idea to use it on anyone other than a potential last-place team would be to use it against the strongest competitors...who are clearly also not Joseph and Monica. In other words, both of the ways it seems rational for BJ and Tyler to use the Yield give you the same result: Yield Eric and Jeremy. And if they were paying any attention to the airport exchange between Eric and Monica, they now know that Eric and Jeremy were the cab-cancelers, and Eric and Jeremy didn't give them any money either, so even the irrational, dumb reasons would suggest Eric and Jeremy. In fact, this leg kind of demonstrates my point about whom you do and don't Yield, because assuming everything else went the same way it ultimately will in this leg, had BJ and Tyler Yielded Eric and Jeremy here instead of MoJo, then Eric and Jeremy would have been last instead of BJ and Tyler. (MoJo would have finished a half-hour ahead of BJ and Tyler instead of in a tie, but Eric and Jeremy would have finished a half-hour behind them -- as has become clear by now, using the Yield on a last-place team rather than the first-place team makes you less likely to come in first, but also less likely to come in last.) So, let's see: would it have been better for BJ and Tyler to take all of Eric and Jeremy's money and keep all of their own money, rather than doing what they did, which led to losing all their own money and leaving intact all of Eric and Jeremy's money, all because they dislike MoJo personally? This Yield, I'm saying, makes no fucking sense except as an exercise of personal pettiness, and the ill-advised use of it here has actual negative effects on them at the end of this leg. It's just plain bad racing, and had they used it differently, they wouldn't have come in last.

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