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What's particularly gross is that Tyler calls out, "Sorry, guys!" as they leave the mat, as if they were forced to do this for some strategic reason and didn't do it for personal reasons. Which they did. MoJo stand to sweat out their Yield.

BJ and Tyler tear open the clue that's out at the airfield, and Phil explains that this is your basic skydiving Roadblock -- in tandem with an instructor so you don't die. BJ takes it. Back at the Yield mat, Monica is venting her frustration, and Joseph is taking it as actual complaining, which seems to be the pattern for them. She is particularly frosted that they got to the airfield first, and that they were aced out because of the way the parking went. "That is not fair," she says with frustration. Joseph keeps telling her to stop being upset, which is...that's not helpful to someone who's upset. It's really not. As they stand there and mope, Eric and Jeremy come running up to the mat and note the Yielded MoJo. Eric throws them a cursory "Sorry, guys, that sucks," as he runs off. "We'll get 'em, guys," Jeremy promises. Now, Ray and Yolanda run up and note the same thing, but without the encouraging words. Monica keeps grumping, and Joseph tells her it's "nothing to cry about," to which she points out correctly that she's not crying. YET. Of course, once he condescendingly lectures that she needs to "act a little more grown up," then she starts crying. They are just backwards from where they need to be right now, communication-wise.

Eric and Ray take the Roadblock. Yolanda couldn't even do the skydive? Ack. By my count, that's all the Roadblocks Ray can do, if indeed he can only do six. Joseph is still telling Monica not to cry, and it's still not the right way to handle her at all, because -- as she rightly points out -- he can't actually tell her how to feel. She tells him that she's not saying he has to be upset; she's just saying she's upset. And as to this part, I do agree with her. You can't always just will yourself not to be upset in a stressful situation, and I'm not sure he's being very helpful.

Commercials. I do not understand what a Lincoln Zephyr has to do with a buffalo, but that's why I don't work in marketing.

We come back to Monica, now crossing over into what would get old in a hurry, which is saying -- again -- that it's "not fair." Joseph assures her that the Yield is not going to matter. I'm sure he's quite aware that it's sure to be non-elimination, for one thing. Elsewhere, BJ suits up for the skydive. Tyler pulls this total bullshit line about how "intense" it is when you Yield someone, and how awful he would feel if it were him. Talk about talk being cheap, man. You really can't play a vindictive card on somebody and then claim that you feel sympathy. It's just not convincing. And as BJ wanders off for the jump, one of them says "T-Tow." Again. "T-Tow, my ass," Monica mutters at the Yield mat. Well, exactly. How sick of that shit do you suppose the other people are by now? BJ's plane goes up. Eric's plane goes up. "Hopefully, your chute opens, dude!" Jeremy hollers. Ray's plane goes up.

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