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Up ahead, Eric and Jeremy lead the group onto the Stuart Highway. Al three teams are still in a clump. Everyone notes that this could mean that Ray and Yolanda are in front of all of them, meaning that whoever loses in this little scrum will be last. And now, they're all approaching the Lake Bennett resort. "It's going to be a mad footrace to the finish," says Joseph. And then Eric says -- nota bene -- "Got your shoes on?" And Jeremy answers in the affirmative. "I don't know if I can beat the hippies, Joseph," Monica frets. "Yes, you can," he assures her.

Phil is at the mat. Whip Guy is at the mat. Whip Guy whips, and it still looks like Phil is not thrilled. The teams park and jump out of their cars. As they head away from the cars, BJ crosses in front of Monica, and he has no shoes on. They dash toward the mat, Eric and Jeremy in front, then Tyler and BJ, and then Joseph, and then Monica bringing up the rear. By the time they come around the corner, Eric and Jeremy have the first spot locked up, and it's between BJ and Tyler and MoJo for last place. Basically, Joseph and Tyler are running together, so it's now between BJ and Monica. Monica is way behind at this point. BJ decides to get cute (unsurprising), and instead of just running to the mat, he pauses to consider whether to cut across the rocks rather than run to the walkway like everyone else. And then he does, in fact, try to run across the rocks rather than follow the beaten path. His "shortcut," like so many, gives Monica time to pass him, and she ultimately beats him by about two steps, owing entirely to his decision to outsmart the situation and show off how clever he is. Had he just followed the damn group onto the walkway, he'd have beaten her easily. That's got to feel silly.

"We got here before you! You Yielded us!" Joseph hollers. Heh. Snotty, but I think he's hardly the only one among us who wouldn't be able to resist, all things considered. Tyler wants to shake hands, and Joseph does shake hands, but Monica -- who spent the early part of this leg having seventh-grade locker-room bullshit said about her, you'll recall -- wants no part of it. Phil checks in Eric and Jeremy as team number two, MoJo as team number three, and BJ and Tyler in last. However, they're not eliminated, once again. Phil wants all their money. BJ is in just underwear or a bathing suit or whatever, and he doesn't even have shoes. Phil asks about the way the race is going here at the end, and Monica says that she and Joseph, at least, aren't trying to play "mind games," or "starting rumors and being nasty." Tyler starts to try to address this, but since it's all true, he can't, really, so BJ jumps in and says "there were no mind games." And...dude. Starting shit between her and her boyfriend over another guy just to stir up trouble is what "mind games" means in this context, and again, if you're going to do it, just do it, and don't act like you don't do it. Monica insists that being Yielded just "lit [their] fire" for the race.

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