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Over at the BJ and Tyler bench, Tyler says that Eric is flirting with Monica, and BJ adds that maybe they can exploit that to make these teams fight. There are so many things wrong with that dumb theory that I hardly know where to begin. First of all, I guarantee you that Joseph is used to the fact that guys like Eric hit on Monica from time to time. Second of all, just the way Eric normally talks comes across as flirting, so it's not like there's much to make of it. Third of all, MoJo hates BJ and Tyler. Why would Joseph get suspicious of Eric over something BJ and Tyler tell him? Fourth of all, just run your own damn race, would you? Lying on the bench, Tyler says, "T-Tow, huh?" "T-Tow," BJ answers. So that's three times so far. And really, when you say "T-Tow" while wearing your "TTOW" shirt? It's kind of like wearing the shirt of the band that you're seeing, if the band that you're seeing were incredibly lame and hated you.

The next morning at 7:30 AM, Ray calls and reserves a taxi for himself for 8:00 AM. He gives his name, and says to make sure to wait for him specifically, identifying himself as "a black male." Tyler calls and reserves a cab as well. Meanwhile, Eric and Jeremy call on a different phone and reserve their taxi in the name "Doug Brubaker." And then Eric and Jeremy decide to call back and cancel the other cabs. So first, they call and cancel the one under Tyler's name, and then they call and cancel the one under Ray's name. As Jeremy explains that they're doing this, Joseph is watching over their shoulder with a smile, so that may explain why Joseph's wasn't cancelled -- Joseph may have caught them, more than anything else, and decided he didn't care as long as they didn't cancel his. "So that will give us a little bit of a jump on everybody else," Joseph says agreeably. As the plot concludes, Eric notes, "Man, they should have used their fake names. That's their fault."

And again, it's just not the show I really signed up to watch. If you hate the teams it's being done to, it's kind of fun to see shit like this happen in a short-term way, but short of that, it's just a lot of nonsense and fighting, and I don't really want teams to have to start making reservations under fake names and stuff. Isn't the next logical step canceling each other's flight reservations? This is just dumb, and it's for that reason that if it's not against the rules, it probably ought to be, as should bribing drivers to keep doors closed and so forth. I think you could implement a few rules -- you may not ask or pay service people to deny or impair service to other teams, you may not cancel or interfere with other people's existing reservations for planes or cabs -- without getting into anything that would be overly difficult to enforce. Just tell the teams to run their own races. I'm not morally offended that they did it, but I'd enjoy the show more if the time that was spent on this foolishness were available for something else.

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