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Meanwhile, Ray and Yolanda discern that their cab is not present, so they head back to call again. Funniest of all, however, Eric and Jeremy also find that...their cab is not present, either. And there don't seem to be any free ones. "At least our canceling worked," Eric says. "Yeah," Jeremy agrees. "That was good. I think we canceled ours in the process." Oh, I do hope so. When Ray calls about the cab, he learns that someone canceled it, and he tells Yolanda. When she runs into Eric, who seems to be -- and is, in a sense -- in the same boat she is, Yolanda says, "They called and canceled our taxis." The conclusion being reached here is totally logical, though...wrong. She continues: "We called for one." Not officially lying, which is a little bit awesome, Eric says, "We called for one, too." Ray says that it certainly looks like it has to have been MoJo, since everybody here ordered a cab and nobody here has a cab, and MoJo got theirs and left. Yolanda quickly spreads this news to BJ and Tyler, not explaining to them how she knows. BJ uses this as another opportunity to sarcastically rip on Tyler for getting out of the cab: "I'm glad we didn't offend Joseph now." As Ray and Yolanda and BJ and Tyler, the only actual victims of this scheme, walk along the road, Ray remarks that what just happened makes the game feel a lot more personal.

BJ and Tyler find a cab, and then Ray and Yolanda. Eric and Jeremy, however, still do not have one, so they are the last ones stuck at the place where they canceled everyone else's. Jeremy doesn't understand how it can be this hard to get a cab. "I think it's called karma," Eric observes. It's good that he recognizes it, at least. Jeremy adds, "This is the worst thing ever," in a way I shouldn't find quite as amusing as I do. "Karma bit us in the ass," Eric says.

Commercials. America voted for BJ and Tyler. Again, I am an outlier.

We come back to find Eric and Jeremy hunting for a taxi, still, and being told that they should try looking for one at a hotel. I would think that would be fairly standard taxi-hailing etiquette, no? Not that their intelligence is "standard," of course. It really is pretty delicious that their efforts at sabotage went quite that hideously wrong. In the cab they finally pick up at one of the hotels, Eric laughs, a little bit embarrassed but not really, about the fact that BJ and Tyler and Ray and Yolanda think that it was MoJo who did the cab-canceling.

Speaking of MoJo, up in their cab, Joseph is talking about how the game is "getting dirty." Unaware that their reputations are taking a dive right now, they're just happy that they kept BJ and Tyler from stealing their cab. "We weren't about to let them get away with that," Monica says with a smile of satisfaction. Joseph makes some kind of yelp of victory, but I kind of don't get it.

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