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The two lead teams arrive at a travel agency called Rickshaw Travels at about the same time and find out that the next flight to India doesn't leave until 7:40 the next morning, and will arrive in Cochin at 6:05 the morning after that. Other Rachel is curious to see if Art and JJ will bother to ask them about their itinerary. Speaking of whom, the Border Patrol opens their clue in third place, at 9:32 PM. Before starting, Art seems to have drunk JJ's Kool-Aid about how they got "screwed over by Major Dave." JJ's still not over it, saying, "Take your Army ass and get out of my face. It's game on." Still no explanation of what, if any, practical effect that Other Rachel and Dave's failure to use the U-Turn had on their game, but I guess this is about the principle.

The Border Patrol's taxi drops them off and everything goes all tense and slo-mo as the two former allies see each other for the first time since the previous leg. Without acknowledging the other racers, JJ asks the counter guy for tickets and an internet-enabled computer, all of which are being used right now. In other words, they'd rather wait their turn than share with Other Rachel and Dave. Other Rachel remarks, "We're not here to make friends, we're here to win." Seriously, Other Rachel, it's time to stop saying that. Bopper and Mark head out in their taxi and talk along the way about what babies Art and JJ were acting like. And still are, as Other Rachel and Dave leave. "If you don't have integrity we don't need you," JJ says. "We don't need them to win." Quit your fucking bitching then, my God. Pour yourself a new bowl of cornflakes when somebody pisses in them.

Brendon and Rachel are starting in a distant fourth, at 11:55 PM. Rachel says they're over being U-Turned by Art and JJ. Which I'm sure is true, because they're so awesome at getting over stuff. They get to the travel agency after the other teams have already left, and it looks like the same will be true of Vanessa and Ralph, as their leg begins at 1:31 AM, putting them in fifth and last place. Ralph talks about how they were U-Turned by the green team, "a.k.a. Big Baby, Crybaby..." "Duck-billed platypus," Vanessa adds, making the famous Rachel-lips. But they remind us that they're still in it, and may have the chance to use another U-Turn in the future. Sure, but they'd have to get ahead of someone first. At the travel agency, they get on a computer and find out about a connecting flight through Nairobi that will actually get them to Cochin before 6:05. "Baby, we're going to India," Ralph says in the cab. Are they actually going to be in the lead for once?

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