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Kuwait Of The World

We are in Kuwait City before you know it, and there are towers and lovely buildings and plenty of people. At 7:50 AM, the teams land, and they all have to find their way to the marked cars. Dustin and Kandice get to their SUV first, followed by Tyler and James, Rob and Kimberly, and Peter and Sarah. We learn that the so-called "back pack" has decided to pick up a Fern, but their Fern has to wait for a checked bag. Much as I appreciate helpful locals, I have to say -- you don't wait around for one this long. You really need a Fern with a carry-on.

Dustin and Kandice, it seems, got their directions from the pilot of the plane. Gee, I wonder how that happened, and whether, say, Dave and Mary would have been so lucky. I have this vision of the pilot being all, "Would you like to see the cockpit?" and then giggling. James and Tyler have a highly cerebral discussion in which they agree that gas must be cheap in Kuwait, because of all the oil. Rob and Kimberly pass Tyler and James, and Rob throws a tongue-out, devil-horned salute as they go. He is so lucky that Kimberly doesn't break up with him. Devil horns with the tongue hanging out are definitely illustrated in the Field Guide To That Guy.

Finally, the *wins and *lyns and Dave and Mary get into their cars, with their Fern riding in front with the *lyns. Dave says he's just hoping they can jump ahead of some teams. Ack, good luck with that, Dave. Peter decides to be the historian of the group by telling us that certain issues involving Kuwait were "what started Saddam's downfall." Thank you, Peter. I think I remember that. Kandice, far more interestingly, notes that when she was eight or nine years old, her father fought in Kuwait, so she finds being there a little "crazy." Dustin's concern is a little more concrete and immediate: they've changed direction, and she's worried about whether they're driving the right way. They stop and ask someone who, it appears, directs them to the big giant towers.

Currently in first and second place are Rob and Kimberly and Tyler and James, respectively. These teams arrive at Kuwait Towers and go inside, where they're directed to the elevator. At the top, they are all startled by the rather spectacular view. And then they see that this is not merely a clue box -- it is a clue box with numbers to take, so apparently, they're doing something here. And what might you be doing at the top of a big tower? Could it be something... scary? High fives are exchanged among the three men. Men high-five each other, kill boars, and drive fast cars. Women plant flowers, comb their hair, and knit. This is in the Bible.

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