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Tea, totally

Uchenna and Joyce are on their way to the gas station as well.

Lynn and Alex hit the Detour and choose the tea. They bicker over the taxi/rickshaw dilemma also. It's probably Rob and Amber's fault. When Uchenna and Joyce show up, they too take the tea, but they get back in their rickshaw immediately, because for whatever reason, they are not as devoted to fighting as a strategy as are Lynn and Alex and Ron and Kelly. And by the way, Uchenna is reaching forward with his feet to pedal the rickshaw. Because he is awesome in those small ways. Lynn and Alex are passed up while they're arguing over getting back in the rickshaw.

There's a very funny scene where Meredith and Gretchen are heading toward the Detour, accompanied by their new Fern, who is riding in the rickshaw next to them. Gretchen pats him on the arm and says, "It's so nice of you to do this for us." "It's my pleasure, ma'am," he says. "What?" Gretchen asks. "It's my pleasure," he repeats. But she can't understand him at all, so she says, "Yes, thank you." Hee. She did it just right, even though, seriously, she had absolutely no idea what he said there, I guarantee you. It's all you can do. You just hope he didn't say, "Your face looks like raw hamburger, no offense." Their Fern even helps direct them to the gas station, ultimately.

Rob and Amber arrive at the tea shop. They take their cart and push it toward the office building. Ron and Kelly do the same. They park the carts outside the office building where all the tea recipients will allegedly be found. Rob and Amber set out to look for the Accounts Department, determined to take it "one cup at a time." They go inside, asking the guys standing around where Accounting is located. Not finding much direction from those guys, they head inside. The first guy they ask for his business card acts like he has no idea what they're talking about. They ask what department they're in, and they learn that it's the Audit Department. They ask where Accounts is, and they're told it's upstairs. Off they go. They next find the Property section, and Rob decides to start just asking folks whether they know anyone on his list. He gets a lot of heads shaking. Nobody seems to have a business card. "This is going to be tough," he mentions. But then they do find their way to one gentleman who gives them a business card, and he is on their list. "This is him," Rob says, trying hard to be polite while being in a huge hurry. "Please give him the tea." Amber does. One down, four to go.

Ron and Kelly are arriving, and Amber lets on that they've found one person so far. Inside, the two teams realize that they don't have the same list, so it won't do to follow each other, necessarily. Furthermore, Rob notes to Amber that he doesn't really want Ron and Kelly to do this entirely by following.

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