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Inside, the woman asks Rob what she should do if the other teams come and want to make the same booking. Specifically asked for a response, he tells her to tell them no. You can hear one of the women laugh a little bit, and the ticket lady gives this awesome, dubious look. Rob tells her to tell them she can't do it right now, and then he says, "If they say 'why not?', just point to me." Hee. The woman cracks up. "And don't worry about it!" he adds. Ron laughs. "I'll smile right at 'em," Rob says. Because as has been said before, with rare exceptions, Rob plays reality shows just like he plays Monopoly, and unless you screw with him, he's not mad at you -- he just wants to beat you. And then he grins, which I try very, very hard not to think is adorable. And then he goes out and calls the other teams inside to round up their tickets to Mumbai. Inside, Lynn conspiratorially reveals to Meredith that he, lucky man that he is, has been procured a spot on the inferior flight. "God bless you," Meredith says. Meredith asks Lynn why Lynn is doing this for them, and Lynn says it's because they want to be in the finals with Uchenna and Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen, and if it takes getting them tickets on the second-best flight available, then dammit, that's what they're going to do.

Outside, Ron muses to Kelly that their hanging around with Rob and Amber will "make [them] a target." He comments on how "manipulative" Rob and Amber are, far as that goes, I kind of wish he'd either shut up about it or stop benefiting from it. It's not too becoming to be profiting from a phenomenon while you morally condemn it for the benefit of the people watching you back home, which I sort of think is what he's doing. He tells Kelly he thinks they should stop talking to Rob and Amber. "At the same time, you have to keep your enemies closer," she says, and I really can't think it's an accident that she says this during literally the first time in the entire race that she and Ron have appeared couple-like, sort of leaning against each other as they sit on a stone bench. In fact, one could say she almost purrs that "keep your enemies closer" line as she reaches back like she's going to paw her boyfriend's leg, and then doesn't at the last minute. It's an interesting relationship philosophy, certainly.

In an interview, Rob says that the relationship he has with Ron and Kelly is of "mutual respect and friendship." Interestingly, aside from Ron calling them "manipulative," which may or may not even be an insult, there's nothing they said in that conversation that makes this not the case, despite how it's being made to appear. Ron and Kelly seem to be worrying about the PR implications more than anything. Rob does confirm, however, once again, that he and Amber are "in this to win it." In case you wondered, and were thinking that additional confirmatory interview footage would help.

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