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We move to Lucknow, where there are both bicycles and elephants, which is awesome. The first flight lands at 9:44 AM, and the teams go in search of a taxi. Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly are directed to a booth for prepaid taxis, and they...prepay, as directed. Both teams head out and get in cabs, with Ron and Kelly apparently getting out a bit ahead. "Very fast," Ron says in the cab. "Mow 'em down like grass." Heh. If he were completely spazzing out and accompanied by someone also completely spazzing out, he would be Christie. In the cab, Ron says, "The only thing I could equate this to, is this is kinda like when everyone was tryin' to get the heck outta Baghdad. Because it's bein' bombed." I'm glad they added that clarifying comment, because I thought it might have been the skyrocketing real estate prices. By the way, did you know Ron was a POW? Did you know things sometimes remind him of Baghdad? Because sometimes, things do. Their driver then pulls into a gas station, and they start complaining. As some of the EEFPs pointed out, it's hard to know what they want the driver to do if he's low on gas. Keep going until he runs out? Make some along the way? If he's out, he's out, people, and yelling at him probably won't make him fill the tank any faster. At any rate, the Rob and Amber cab does not need gas, and once Ron and Kelly get going again, they realize they've been passed and lament their bad luck. I'm always amazed how teams will think to ask the driver whether he knows where he's going, but not think to ask how much gas he's got. It might at least be worth the question, even if the answer weren't entirely reliable.

At 9:52 AM, the second flight lands. The teams look for cabs. Uchenna and Joyce got advice on the plane to head for the prepaid taxis, and Gretchen finds her way to the booth as well, only to hear the bad news that two teams have already been through. Apparently, there is an inside part of the taxi office and an outside part, and Uchenna and Joyce get better service because they stay on the inside part, while the other two teams go out and get hung up at the outside part -- as Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly did, incidentally. Lynn tries to negotiate the fare in "ruples," the apparent currency of Isn't-India-Kind-Of-Russian-ylvania, and he winds up with a worse fare than Uchenna lands inside, as well. Uchenna and Joyce are the first of these three teams to get out, and the other two seem to now be in some kind of smackdown with a bunch of Lucknowvian taxi drivers.

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